BFRS Career Fair – London @ The Victory Services Club, 17th October 2013


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Date: Thursday 17[SUP]th[/SUP] October 2013 from 10:30hrs to 15:30hrs

Location: Victory Services Club, 63-67 Seymour Street, London W2 2HF

This event has been structured to suit the Armed Forces community and their families.

You might have left the Forces years ago, or just be thinking about it now, or maybe you are already in the resettlement process.

Whatever your situation, we're hoping you will find this event useful and productive for your future career. Meet employers, find jobs, access self-employment opportunities, enrol in training schemes and get in touch with a whole raft of support services specialising in the transition from Military to Civilian life.

To pre-register and find out more information, please follow the link below....

BFRS Career Event - London


Lantern Swinger
How to Prepare for a Career Fair...

Create an up-to-date version of your CV and print off copies for the event. You can use these to demonstrate your abilities to a prospective employer, plus, if required there will be one to one CV advice.

Make sure you take a notebook, a pen and business cards (if you have them). The purpose of this event is learning and networking so being able to jot down information and contact details is essential.

Always approach an event with an open mind. You will be faced with many career opportunities and pathways, some of which you may never have considered before.

Keep your skills and best attributes at the forefront of your mind. This will enable you to sell yourself when discussing an opportunity with an employer.

And finally………What’s your top tip in preparing for a Career Fair?

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