BFRS Career Event – Aldershot – 7th March


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You might have left the Forces years ago, or just be thinking about it now, or maybe you are already in the resettlement process. Whatever your situation, we're hoping you'll find this event useful and productive for your future career. Meet employers, find jobs, access self-employment opportunities, enrol in training schemes and get in touch with a whole raft of support services specialising in the transition from Military to Civilian life.

For more information, and to pre-register, please visit the BFRS website


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With the BFRS Aldershot Career Event on the 7th March fast approaching, I thought I would provide a few tips and guidance to get the best out of the day.

Our events are Career Fairs, meaning there is a whole raft of information and opportunities available, which include employment, training and other services for you to access. We advise to go with an open mind and explore everything that is there on the day, and gain the much needed knowledge to assist your transition or further development in Civilian Street.

Do not be put off for example, by a franchise, as you never know if you will go into self-employment, so ask them questions, find out how they went about starting their business, the benefits, the pitfalls, what tips they can provide you. If it’s a training provider, find out where their sector is going to be in 5 years, how could your skill-sets or expertise transfer to that sector now, or what training could you do in your resettlement that could assist moving into that sector, without using your ELC’s!

Employers should be planning month’s possible years in advance for their recruitment needs as well as seeking to recruit on the day, again this gives you the chance to prepare dependant on time left to serve or if you are seeking employment now. Find out about other departments in the organization if the individuals they are recruiting for do not match your background or skill-sets.

There is CV advice on the day, which is extremely beneficial, and that provision receives fantastic feedback.

Remember, you will have the chance to talk to individuals that have already made that transition from Military to Civilian life, which includes the team from BFRS, so utilize what they have to offer.

This link takes you to the event page on the BFRS website: BFRS Career Event - Aldershot

“Joining Instructions” will be sent out via email on Thursday for those who pre-registered on the BFRS website, to assist with preparation for the day and also a link to the event guide that you will be able to view on-line. You will also receive a hard-copy on the day.

If you would like joining instructions then please drop me an email on [email protected]

I hope this has been helpful, but if you would like any more information about this or our other events please do let me know.

This is also open to your families and if you have a colleague or know ex-military personnel that could benefit from this day and what will be on offer, then please let them know; just forward them this information!


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This Thursday is the BFRS Aldershot Career Fair!

Location: Princes Hall, Princes Way, Aldershot, GU11 1 NX.
Timings: 1030hrs – 1530hrs

The event guide and joining instructions can be downloaded by following this link…..

If you have any questions please let me know, you can email me on [email protected] Myself and the team at BFRS look forward to seeing you on the day!

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