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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Hydra_Joe, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Sorry, I have not trawled through the Forums ot see if this has been posted on RR but I am off for a few days in an hour so I needed to get this malicious email going around stamped out before it can get going

    If you receive an email, purported to have originated from the Suport or Soldiers Charity, asking you to sign a petition about the BFPO System being discontinued - DO NOT SEND IT ON OR SIGN THE PETITION.

    I made enquiries and got this reply:-

    So if you do get this malicious emai, send the text in the quote above back the person who sent it to you and on to those you would have normally sent it on to, with an explantion. Our troops and their families do not need crap like this.


    PS Could some nice RRer please copy and paste this on ARRSE and E Goat for me please.
  2. It would appear that the email that I received entitled BFPO ending was a forwarded email that had been added to Agnes' original email that gave the impression that Agnes was referring to the whole BFPO System being discontinued. That rang alarm bells in my head so I asked someone to check it for me as I had not heard this news and it would appear neither had they at the time. They checked direct with BFPO HQ who's answer was the words in Red in the email I sent out (in the quotes in this thread), as I pointed out at the time, so I took their word for it and issued a warning that the email (referring to the BFPO system ending) doing the rounds was rubbish all be it an embellishment of Agnes', which was not.

    This goes to show how messages can be distorted. I have to say the petition did not particularly explain the problem either and there are so many misguided individuals that start petitions on the No 10 site it is sometimes difficult to identify the credible ones. The statement that explains the petition is not correct:-

    Armed Forces have been advised that the BFPO facilities in mainland europe will be shut from September 2010. Personnel, and their families, deployed in europe currently enjoy the same postal rates as the UK. Withdrawal of this long established tradition will further erode personnel's ability to communicate with their families in the UK and safe receipt of parcels etc through a secure network.

    this is not true, it only affects the British Forces element in NATO HQs and not just in Europe. This is a relatively small amount of people compared with all the Forces serving in Europe alluded to in the petition, BUT, if it affects ANY of our forces and their families in the way Agnes has explained it is unacceptable, so I have signed the petition anyway.

    I appologise whole heartedly to Agnes and the Support our Soldiers Charity for any distress my email caused but I was only acting on the information in the email I RECEIVED. In hindsight I should have taken the time to look up Support our Soldiers and give Agnes a ring, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Once again, it is only some BFPO OFFICES that support NATO HQ's ( not just in Europe) that are closing and not the whole BFPO System purported to in the email entitled BFPO ending doing the rounds that I was referring to. I have today received the email below which states the exact situation. Perhaps if that information had been used in the petition and email it would have avoided any assumptions and embellishments.


    John "Joe" Erskine


    Please be advised that the MOD has instructed the closure of some Forces Post Office’s (FPO’s) that provided support to the UK elements of NATO HQ’s as a manpower cost saving together with the savings made due to the cost of the contracts for the movement of mail. These savings have to be realised by 30 Sep 2010 and as a consequence the closures will unfortunately have to be made before or around this date.

    The following BFPO locations will be effected:-

    Brunssum BFPO 28
    Ramstein BFPO 109
    Stavanger BFPO 50
    Karup BFPO 150
    Rome BFPO 65
    Milan BFPO 61
    Lisbon BFPO 6
    Valencia BFPO 62
    Norfolk VA BFPO 63

    It is with regret that the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) has been instructed to take this course of action and please understand that this is not a decision made by us but one that we have to adhere to.

    For further information regarding these closures please contact the Defence Media Centre at MOD Whitehall.


    BFPO Enquiries
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