BFBS News: "Submarine Crews Feel The Pressure"

It's hard graft these days. Most T boats are giving it welly when they're not
coming back in with broken bits'n'pieces. I'll admit that the deployments are
a damn sight longer than any I ever did, so disregarding it as some sort of
media "scoop" - there's a fair bit of truth in it. However - the dosh is good,
it isn't (strictly speaking) a life threatening kind of deployment and those that
volunteer for boats (or get drafted for that matter) should be able to cope
with it. If it were me (again) - and I could save all that cash for return to
the UK and live off the subbies.....I for one would be a very happy bunny.

Don't forget the Fifth Watch changeover periods. Not every crew member
does the whole trip anyway, depending on Ports of Call and Operational

(Just as long as you get your jolly, a big bag of free Government money
and a nice hotel room - it can be a great way of saving a small fortune!)

Not that any submariner ever did.


(13-14 weeks submerged - not a run ashore in sight and we all know why).

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