BFBS: "From The Battlefield To The Classroom For Redundant Troops"

Bloody good idea, giving inner city kids a real education and redundant ex-forces meaningful employment, fly in the ointment is some chavs refuse any opportunity to better themselves.
Smashing idea, personally the best teacher i had at primary was my year 5 teacher, he was ex navy and had brilliant people skills, and had amazing stories, some real, some not thinking back, but still a great teacher.

Also the most influential figure for me at high school and also many others was an ex para, he knew how to speak to 15/16 year old lads, and spent all his spare time doing the sport teams, i buy him a drink every time i see him in the pub.

I hope some little kids will meet people like i did, education is the main thing, but who does it and how, makes a massive difference.

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