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Bexhill Observer: Ex-RM turned away from RBL Home


War Hero
Bexhill Bugle said:
Ian is at present living in sheltered housing in Newhaven but desperate to move where his needs can be met - for instance he would like a bathroom with a shower - and spent £60 on a taxi to visit Mais House to look over possible accommodation.

A difficult call, but there are finite places available & it is not a right to expect a place in subsidised housing simply because you have served in the Armed Forces. If there are no vacancies, there are no vacancies unfortunately.

Whilst there's no denying that the Armed Forces positively encouraged smoking (and drinking alcohol) by the issue of Duty Free beer & tobacco, the fact remains that it is personal choice.

A person that has successfully completed the rigours of Commando training & gone on to experience extreme hardship in combat now has a stark choice - can he give up smoking long enough to bimble along the road to light-up & to enjoy the fruits of his labours with regard possibly even living longer in comfortable accommodation with like-minded comrades? Or is he a non team-player happy to be pissing-off all those fellow ex-servicemen that no longer smoke, but probably did previously?

The alternative it seems, is to find a place in RBL accommodation that currently permits smoking outdoors, but on the premises. The odds are that is likely to be curtailed now a fuss is being generated - ironically by a smoker rather than a non-smoker. The words nose, spite and face spring to mind.

The RBL is run by ex-servicemen & women to look after the same group of people - they cater for the majority.
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