Bewildered re medical fail

Almost everyone I know failed their medical the first time around bankhall. Personally I think it's because the medical people (forget the name) charge per examination, so they want you to come back as many times as possible. He'll be fine though, just get your GP to write a letter saying he's fit and healthy


War Hero
He could make a candle. or share his knowledge of this realy unhelpful woman who doesn't like getting annoyed, bless, I reckon we could annoy or at best bother her. :)


What's HIS GP got to do with it ???he was sent to a GP in Blackburn FOR A medical who just seems to have set up for one day .When he asks the recruitment centre about another medical he can't get any sense weird
Get thee to a GP, get an all clear letter- post a COPY of this letter to the AFCO, addressed to his careers advisor, and request another appointment for a medical.
"can't get any advice as too what to do next from a strange woman at Preston ."

Women in Preston are like that. I trapped one, at the time that panda with a Bolton accent was advertising some jar of babysick to put on chicken "Stick a fork in me - I'm done!"
Mind, she want to be taken on Saddleworth moor - odd and somewhat chilly, but hey....

By the way your GP may well charge up to £20 for the letter. Still, worth it if it gets him in. But warn him about women from Preston. And Dumbarton, oh and Brixton.


Hang on.

1 - letter from a civvy GP saying his ears are clear is a load of tosh. Has he seen anyone regarding his ears or his foot infection? I presume he was given olive oil for his ears - in which case the practice nurse should see him after a couple of weeks to have a look and see if the wax needs removing. Wax doesn't disappear spontaneously.

2- It should be blatantly obvious whether or not the infection has cleared up.

3- A letter from a civvy GP regarding medical suitability for Service is worth as much as used toilet roll.

4- He's not getting depressed - I'm starting to think this word should be banned. He is pissed off at the fact things arn't going smoothly. This is not depression. This is a great example of how people get labelled with diagnoses they don't have.

So, in summary:
- get ears sorted
- get infection sorted
And it sounds like this is what he was told at his initial medical examination. This is not rocket science.


But what about her at the Preston Office, AD?

Could she be cured by sending the lad along with a grovelling smile and a prescription for these?

Well diagnosed Blackrat...this doctoring malarky really is a piece of piss....Angrydoc had to study for weeks before they gave him a white coat and stethescope !!!
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