Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 21_Man, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. A woman ignored?

    Anyway; at least she had principles.
  2. Yeah ! she threatened to resign, then didn't.... then did....
    then left the labour party to become an independent... didn't ask the people who elected her... some principles.
  3. 'Scorned'? Bull.

    Would this thread be so entitled if her commentary came from male ? Of course not. Focus as to why Short resigned and the state of powerplay within Cabinet in the 6 years prior to 2003 rather than creating a gender issue please.

    Short resigned on principle. SHE chose to. Hardly 'a woman scorned', more along the lines of an MP who believed in justice and could see democracy unravelling before her eyes within Cabinet.

    Along with Jackson, (another woman, gee), Short was one of the few MP's to either publically or privately criticise Bliar at the pinnacle of his self-aggrandisemnt and lost out as a consequence.

    Her biography clearly outlines her character and motives, whilst captivating what led to her resignation - the mention of 'inner circle' quite interesting .

    While I don't agree with her politics, this is one individual who hasn't apparently lost the battle between maintaining integrity against the temptation to court popularity.
  4. Anyone can stand as an independent MP. :roll:

    Considering how the majority of MP's behave, and considering she resigned a very senior position on PRINCIPLE, you seriously telling RR you have an issue with Short remaining as a politician ? 8O

    Those like her in v. short supply, wake the **** up.
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I rarely pay attention to the gender of an MP - I am mature enough to listen to their policies or dedication to their duty, rather than what colour shoes they are wearing.

    It seems the only one who is making an issue of her sexuality here is you, Taloolah.
  6. If only Robin Cook was alive, to tell the real story of the events :cry: :cry
  7. I don't have a problem with her being a politician... but the banner under which she chose to declare to the electorate changed, without her seeking approval of ... or giving any consideration to ... the people she is supposed to represent.
  8. What? When he was out of watch like Capt. JT? :evil:

  9. Not to mention David Kelly.....................
  10. At least she had the balls to call them, the Blair cabal that is just what they are, liars. She also highlighted the fact that before any attack on Iraq much more emphasis should have been put on resolving the Palestinian’s situation. After all the unbalanced backing of Israel by the West is one of the reasons and maybe the only one why so many Muslims hate us.
  11. Very interesting evidence from Clare Short and I am quite happy to believe her version of events.
    The part the puzzles me is when she says she was going to resign before the war but Blair talked her out of it.What was her price for not resigning one wonders.It is well known that leaders sometimes have to make concessions on a completely different topic to ensure loyalty on another.If it is in her book I must rely on Talloolah to put me straight.

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