Bevvy, Pompey, 12th Sept

Hi Guys & Gals,

Very good chance I can be in Portsmouth on Wednesday the 12th September. In Newbury at the moment decorating for my mother and being this close I thought I may as well go down the road a bit further to have a few wets with a bit of company - any one interested? And if so have I got a bed for the night? Or can you recommend a good hotel for Wed/Thurs? No bad habits except for drinking, smoking, bad jokes, good stories, non-smelly feet, good farts after real ale etc, etc, projectile vomitting if pushed that far!
Any one up for a wet then?

Probably aiming for about 1600 - 1800hrs eta, but reasonably flexible! Settle in and then wet time, sociable to begin with and we all know where it goes from there........................downhill rapidly!
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