Bevin Boys - decoration????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. just heard on the radio that a medal is about to be issued - and about time too!
  2. It should look quite smart on their uniform. Did the Land girls get one as well?
  3. Or my grand father and two uncles who were engine drivers on the railways during the war?
    RoofRat :cry:
  4. My Grand dad was in the mines all his life and during the War and he never got a medal!

  5. There were quite a few people in WW2 that weren't included for medals.

    I can't see how they can justify a medal for the bevin boys----they were conscripted and instead of going to the forces they were selected for the mines.
    They didn't get blown up-shot at etc etc. or wear a uniform.
    People in reserved occupations -train drivers ,munition workers etc etc didn't either! and they got quite well paid too!

    And were allowed to go on strike!!
  6. Good point!!
    My grandfather was a volunteer in the RAF in WW2 from the age of 17. After being seriously wounded he was then medically discharged having served more than 3 years. Unfortunately the powers at be decided that he wasn't worthy of a medal which i personally find disgusting!! :cry:
  7. NuttyB your Grandad and the RAF

    If he did 3 years and didn't leave the UK he still should have got the
    Defence Medal and the War medal . If he was aircrew then there was a medal for it .

    If he left the Uk he would have qualified for campaign stars to whichever theatre he was posted to.

    They didn't give out ' wound ' medals, the yanks had a purple heart medal for wounds the UK didn't.
  8. Thanks for that!!
    I'm aware that he should have got a gong or two but cant get it out of him as to why he hasn't got any. He certainly isn't a walt (i know your not suggesting that) as i've seen the injuries that he sustained when the hanger he was defending was destroyed in an air-raid, as well as photos of his service. Think he may have disposed of them out of guilt because his unit (the then RAF RegT) were deployed to "singa's" to defend against the Jap invasion and obviously he didn't go with them!! I should check out whether i can get him some made up, need to ask his permission first though!! Ta

  9. nutty_bag.

    Your Dad may have had the same frame of mind as my Dad and Grandad. They both qualified for the 39-45 Star, Defence Medal and the War Medal but never received them. Administrative oversight? no. To receive them, you had to claim them and, on principle, neither would. Any medal you've got to ask for isn't worth having, is a phrase I seem to recall.


    Not all Reserved Occupations were well paid. Railway workers (called Servants in those days) weren't on piece work terms and drew their normal Railway pay and free coal. In the case of my other Grandad, a goods guard, 10s 6d per week. Railway workers were, incidentally shot at and blown up. Goods trains didn't stop and take cover just because there was an air raid on (even if they were aware of it). Some of my Grandad's fellow railwaymen were killed and injured on their Cheshire Lines Committe trains when Liverpool took hits (bad luck as their home Depot was in Stockport).
  11. My father in law joined the army under age was found out and discharged. on reaching the right age he was called up and promptly sent down the pits. Bit of an ordeal for a boy from Tottenham. So he ran away. Can a miner desert? Any way he hung around London for a bit and some how ended up as a projectionist for ENSA, showing films to the troops overseas. Did he get a medal? Of course not. After the war he joined the RAF seeing active service in Suez and Indonesia. Got a couple of medals for that. If you ask him he would tell you that any one working down a mine should get a medal. But they don't and lets face it. should not. Medals as we know them are for military service. The Russian Convoy boys recently just got a little white star. The Russians gave them all a medal a few years back. How about a little brass Davy Lamp for the Bevin Boys? Or would that cost too much?

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