Better than a selfie-stick...


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Sorry, Wrecker, I wasn't knocking your humour - simply trying to continue in the same vein.
Going back to the original post, though, the piece of kit does look impressive. Might it, though, add to the potential problem of increasing use of drones? Are we likely to see "drone rage" when someone takes action against what appears to be snooping in their back garden?
Or is this just something that we will learn to live with and then accept as normal - like the iron horse or the horseless carriage? Or am I putting the cart before the.....?
No worries, hence the winkie thingy on my last :)
Lily looks so sweet...But I bet, despite the tracking device, I would lose it somewehre in the forest, finding it (if lucky) somewhere on a tree completely destroyed.

Still, a fantastic thing.
OR... you could just wait for a prop to come off, and watch it tumble out of the sky... that's what my mate Stuart's quadcopter did. I just found this "Quadcopter GPS landing test" that we did last year, with the Quadcopter carrying a Mobius video camera. Sadly, the 3 minute video is boring: just 4 old farts, F-ing about, and that crash not in it: I've now lost count of youtube videos on my channel: One of you on the Isle of Wight, near where we went recently ? :)

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