Better pensions for some Gurkhas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. A step forward, perhaps not as big as it should be but at least in the correct direction.
  2. The reason they won't backdate it further is the precident it would set for other service personnel. It appauls me that men who fought for this country in WW2 are getting a pension of only £20 a month!
  3. I seem to remember reading that the British Government had an agreement with the Indian Government that we wouldn't pay our Gurkhas more than they paid theirs, which has always been an excuse to get some wonderful soldiers on the cheap. Perhaps we should pay our politicians the same pay and pensions as Indian politicians.
  4. If we did we would be overpaying them!! The politicians that is!!
  5. They still deserve more, but I hope the Goverment dont give with one hand and take with another, hey Mr Blair !!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  6. they deserve the same as everyother service man gets.
    lads joined with me at raleigh fromthe carrabean they get the same as me and right fully so.
    So why the hell should one ethnic group joining one regiment. Not be the same its shocking in the year 2007 its like that.
    And no one can argue with the fact that they are dam good at what they do. There ******* crazy :)

    I dont think any govenment workers (including myself) should get any more pay rises until this matter is compleatly sorted out.

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