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Discussion in 'History' started by rosinacarley, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. Arctic Star

    I have only just discovered that the Russian Convoy vets have finally been awarded the Arctic Star to pin to one of their campaign medals.

    There has been some serious campaigning for these heros - the ones that wear the white berets on November ceremonies - to be awarded a separate medal. The government have been shamed by the Russians who have provided the vets with not one but two medals. Originally I understand they were told that they were not permitted to wear these as they were not UK medals, however I am also told that they wore them anyway because 'who is going to tell us to take them off? the medal police?!'

    My father of HMS FORSYTH - which sunk the EDINBURGH with their last torpedo, has always maintained that he will not beg anyone for a medal, having done his duty by his mates all those years ago.

    But I am as proud of him today getting (yet!) another medal as he was of me when I passed out of Raleigh.
  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There is no problem in wearing decorations issued by a foreign government - as long as you have permission from the Queen. This permission can be a blanket one as in the case of the EU medal for service in Bosnia, or granted on an individual basis such as the guys getting the Bronze Star from the US in Iraq. All your father would have to do is write a letter to HMQ asking for permission - or maybe the Association could. Either way it would be an interesting test of the system, and could not possibly be construed as begging. Does this help?
  3. The real trouble is that many of those who 'did the job' are now dead, like two of my English teachers at school who were RNVR officers on escorts, and an ex work colleague who was a swordfish observer. He considered going to Atlantic Concoys after he ditched a cushy number.

  4. No I believe the said permission from HMQ has been granted, but what he meant was that he would not join the campaign for a medal as it felt like begging.
  5. Bout time too. These guys went to sea in one of the most awful places in the world knowing at any moment they may get their ship shot from beneath them. Even if they didn't the stress of the fear of it must have been almost insurmountable.

    Hats off and a big tot to any one of them that cross my bow wave
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Now I'm with you rosina - penny has just dropped... durrrr
  7. Getting the permission from The Queen is usually fairly straight forward. It then has to be ratified by the eedjits in the MoD / FCO who are generally waffling on the wearing of medals awarded/issued by a foreign government (the Americans/Ozzies/Kiwis seem to have no problem).

    I could tend to fill pages of info on their 'reluctance' to allow this to happen, but people could have a gander at:

    which is campaigning for the Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) medal awarded by the King of Malaysia to veterans (the PC name now for ex service types) of the Malaya War and Borneo Confrontation to be allowed to wear it.

    The recognition of what we service and ex service do, and have done, for our country is overlooked in the pollies and senior civil service types rushing to get their knighthoods etc for dedicated service in the art of buttkissing and pencil pushing. :evil:

    I trust you get the award Rosie - he deserves it.
  8. Thank you for your kind words WM - I hope to not have his medals for a long time! I believe that I may wear them at his funeral (god forbid) and having to keep them all clean them will be a right pain, compared to my sad 2!
  9. There's never been any problem with Danish decorations or honours... at least not that I'm aware of.
  10. Rosina, it’s the Arctic Emblem, worn on the Left lapel. Here’s some background

    The British Authorities resisted any special award for service in Russian Convoys until 2005 when the British PM announced; Quote
    "Mindful that those who served in the Arctic regions were often subjected to especially dangerous circumstances including extreme weather conditions and determined resistance from German forces, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues believe that the service given and the conditions undergone by the Arctic veterans warrant tangible recognition in the form of something that can be worn. As a result, on 7 March 2005 the Prime Minister announced at a reception for Arctic veterans, the introduction of a new Arctic Emblem that can be worn as a unique, recognised addition to medals. "

    If you are entitled to the Arctic emblem you are also entitled to the 40th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War Medal (also known more commonly as the Russian Convoy Medal).
    On receiving the 40th Anniversary Medal, you then become entitled to the 50th & 60th Anniversary Medals,
    issued by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in London.

    My WW2 Service was in RN Fleet Air Arm; first part out East, then in 1945 North Atlantic & Russia convoy. (A snip compared to ’42 & ’42)
    I thought that with most of us ready to fall off the perch; maybe they were just stalling; hoping to save on Emblems. But last week had notification from MOD of award of the Emblem, then a few days later rcd the Russian 40th Anniversary Medal. At least the Grandkids will be able to wear it.

    Rosina, if your Dad served on Forsyth with Edinburgh business, he’s certainly entitled to all the above.
    Best of Luck to him.
  11. I reckon anyone who has earned a medal, regardless of where,should wear it with pride and f**k the establishment, many of whom wear medals they did not earn the way the Russian Convoy vets and many others did

  12. Thank you for your kind words Como, wear your medals with pride too.


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