Better in my day !

This is an offical announcement, fired by the rise of my blood alcohol level, which matches the rise in my wisdom. [Idont mean my tooth brush] I therefore declaim that in my day it was hard layers, wooden ships and iron men, nd everything was better and nothing ever did me any harm. If A.f .Os still exist An order will be issued to the fleet and all establishments confirming this to be an indisputable fact. Good health and good luck to you and your loved ones for 2009;- and may the cheeks of your ememy's arse feater.
I'm so pleased that you are "happily married to Lesley". These civil marriages are just the thing for two chaps who are devoted to each other, don't you think?
L.E.S.L.E Y Not L.E.S L .I.E. Just cant get the staff these days. Did they trust you with the keys to the dugs cabinet?
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