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Bet struck last week on France!!!!!


War Hero

WITH BOOKMAKERS WILLIAM HILL predicting that the World Cup will become the biggest betting event of all time with over £1billion gambled on the tournament, they have taken the largest single win bet on the tournament so far - £110,000 on France.
'A southern based William Hill telephone client has staked a bet of £55,000 each-way on France to win the World Cup at odds of 20/1 - and will make a profit of £1,650,000 if they do so - the biggest ever World Cup winnings' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.


Book Reviewer
As it is a win or lose competition, how much will he make with his each way bet when they lose in the next round?


So if Uruguay beat Mexico 4-0 and France beat SA 1-0 they go through. Or some such bollocks!! It will be sad to see them go :wink:



Talking in my local square with an old frenchwoman, smelling faintly of piss and peppermints We used Spanish as our common language, and she mentioned that England is now 'full of darkies'.

I replied, stating that the french team was 8 'darkies' and 3 whites, one of whom looks like he ran into a chain saw. In addition the bench was all 'darkies'.

Perhaps France has gone the way of other African nations fielding almost exclusively black teams - out in the knockouts.

Racist - me -non! Sacre bleu.
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