Bestest nicknames

Oinkey Atack was the CWEM R on York back in the early 90s sharp as a fcuking knife and he mercilously used to denigrate the Tiffs, he got his nickname (which he fcuking hated by the way) one afternoon leaving the mess one of the lads shouted Oi (cos he did his regular thing and didn't chit for his beer - Don't fcuking call me Oink he says (he had more than a passing resemblance to Pinky and Perky) and the name stuck even when I found his crusty wank sock under his pillow one day while securing the lazy fat fcukers pit for action
PO on one boat had the surname Best so everyone called him George. One day at sea he flashed and threw his toys well out the pram. "my names not George it's fcuking T...., "

Comment from the back

"alright George, calm down" and he was George foreverafter.

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We had a boring twat knicknamed "Exocet"...cos you could see him coming but do fuck all about it.
Another was called "Thrush"..cos he was an irritating cnut !!
There was a Lazy Lobb and Hairy Mott around in the 70's.
We also had skipper in refit called Tinhead on the account he had a metal plate in it.
Flight deck officer on Hms Victorious, was known by one and all on the Flight Deck as TEN TO TWO. You only had to look at his feet angle , whilst flaging the green at Launch.To understand why:laughing2:
Pilot on 820 with the surname, Hunt. Instead of the predictable 'Mike', this guy was known as Isaac. He took it really well and even had name badges made up with Isaac Hunt written on them. It was funny watching the gentry eventually figuring t out at the cocktail parties and guffawing into their G&Ts.
Had a guy who worked with me at Rolls/Royce/Bentley Motors. with one eye. nicknamed oneoff!! also the old joke about the Spanish woman with one tooth One eater:laughing2:


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One poor bugger I knew had a stroke that left him with a severly twisted face, Isiah he became as one eye was higher than the other.


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When phoning a taxi, a lad with a Polish surname started to spell it out.

He was known ever after as 'B U fuck it Smith'.
I had two baby Tiffs - one was called Mogodon, as he was SOOOOOOOOO interesting, and his mate with the lazy eye was known as Uzi - who's he lookin' at!!!

Wonder if those names stuck!!

From further back, I had an oppo who was known as Bovver ******* as he'd had an 'interesting' early few years in the Mob. We lost touch, only to meet up years later. He'd gone SD by then.

Hello Bovver! Says I.

Actually, it's Brian these days......
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