Best Wrist Watch you Owned

Like others with interests I am a sucker for wrist watches.
I have:
1.A Tissot
2.An Armani
3. A Casio sport with Altimeter,Baro,Compass to help me get back from the pub with a
solar charging function.
4.A solid 22 carat Victorian watch took in lieu of a Poker debt of £50 to be redeemed
later,he never came back.
5.A Seiko Chronometer since 1988 never let me down
6.A solid silver Pocket watch sold to me by my Father on his deathbed[I gave him a
Various other work and golf Watches but the one I don't have is a Brietling Chron I bought after leaving the mob,I really loved that watch but Feck knows where it went.
I hasten to add,only the Casio and the Seiko were bought new.
What's the best you've owned and worn?
Gold fob watch that's always given to the first born son, my Dad passed it on to me on my 21st as his Dad had done for him although I've not passed it on to my eldest as yet. Also a silver fob watch my Grandad used all the time, it made it through his time in the trenches in WW1 and as a London firefighter during the blitz in WW2, snag is I'm scared to use them in case I damage/lose them.

Edited to add they're not wristwatches but who cares!
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1. Tissot S/S for work
2. Tissot weekends
3. Tissot for posing !! :oops:

Only other watch of some note was Ticker Ticker Timex on one of my junior birthdays - lasted me throughout GSpot training !!

Have no urge for these blingy ginormous poser look-at-me-aren't-I-grand watches.
Slim, smart (not even a date) and tells the time is enough.
Can't see the point of knowing how high, or how deep you are if you're walking along the road ??? :scratch:
Tokyo Flash Morse Code Watch...............Gives time in Morse Code plus red led display if ya dont know the morse code, lovely piece of jewellery in silver (Me ex sparks RN)


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Breitling Cosmonaute brought in 72. My oppo cruncher Kerr was pissed off because I only paid £2 coustoms duty and he had to pay £4.

Still gong strong.
Cant beat the bog standard Casio where its actually cheaper to buy a new watch than replace the battery in it. Got a good knocked off one with a "silver" strap on it from a jingly as well.
Omega Constilation bought in 1973 in Gib from the NAFFI for £97.
Repaired several times but still going strong. Used mainly as a dress watch now.
Last time I took for a battery they offered me £600 for it.
I also have a cwc watch I use for work.


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Omega Sea master professional and Ebel Tarawa Chronograph, ridiculously big but looks great unless you have lady boy sized wrists.

Still awaiting permission to buy my favourite, Panerai PAM 244 GMT.........
£18.00 Lorus out Argos. Tells the time just like a three grand job and now a days there is no where I have to be to the millionth of a second.LOL
Thinking about it, I could probaly get by with just the small hand.:winkrazz:


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I chose an Art Deco style Armani watch as a graduation present (got it of Amazon... baaargain). Only problem is that because I have pathetically small wrists, the timepiece looks huge. It also spins around but it's uncomfortable if it's any tighter.

I'd love a Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe
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