Best/Worst Nightclubs and Bars


Pompey - Mighty Fine, Jo's
Guzz - Boobs, PR, 2 Twigs
Portland - The Vicky Lodge
Rosyth - Metro's
Gib - Hole in the wall, Buccaneers
Mombers - Sunshine Bar, Florida Bar
Puerto Rico - Black Angus
What was the name of that night club at the top of Charlotte St in Pompey?it was in the worst building in Britain[Tricorn was it?] anyway we owned the nightclub,same company as Tiberius,but it had a name for grunge both in decore and the people who went in there.
Just forget the name of it but it had a rep for trouble most nights.
One of the worst I've been in.
Grannie's, later Basin's? Never went there myself.


A couple of Weymouths old pubs were lost when part of the town was re developed a few years back, Jumping Jimmy Thunders old haunt, the Golden Eagle? amongst them. Haven't heard anything of Jimmy for a while now, Waspie may have.
Having moved with the times there is now a Lap Dancing Club which I was invited to attend with the last Boat that visited Portland, an invitation that Mrs Janner tells me I was wise to refuse.
Jimmy is still about, walks with a stick now, and the brain aint what it was. As to bars in Weymoth lets not forget the Vic Bars and the steering wheel


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Ma Boots in Guzz (aka thr Golden Slipper): Pusser tubular steel furniture, right rough crowd of locals, but a pint of rough cider that eclipsed all the drawbacks. Went all up market (in North Corner FFS ?), became the Lugger and stopped selling rough. Only went there once and was asked to leave when aked for rough - "it attracts the sort of sustomer we can do without - so sling yer hook, pal."


War Hero
Rooftops, Hong Kong
Rainbow and New Ritz, Mombasa
New London Bar, Neeson, Singers
Ace of Spades(?), Edinburgh
Every other bar in Hong Kong
Kinema Ballroom, Dunfermline

Other bars, clubs, flea pits available. :cool:
rooftops plymouth

When I was at HMS Raleigh in training in the early 70s, We were woken up just after we had gone to bed, and ordered into boilersuits, boots, and webbing belts. Was than transported in 3 lorries to the Rooftops club. During the joiurney, it was revealed the reason for this was a matelot had been badly beaten by locals in the place. We got there, and was basically told to attack the place. Still have a scar over my eye from that night haha
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