Best/Worst Nightclubs and Bars

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by EssexBoy, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Firstly be gentle with me! First post and not sure if this has been done before. Long time viewer and thought about time I got involved!

    What has been the best/worst club or bar you went to during your time in the mob.

    A few suggestions:

    Jo's, Nero's/Martines and Pyramids - Pompey
    Boobs - Plymouth
    Steering Wheel and Harbour Lights - Weymouth
    Buccaneer bar and Hole in the Wall - Gib
    Florida Bar - Mombasa
  2. Are your suggestions for best or worst?
  3. Best or Worst, your choice. Some people think Jo's was crap, some people say it was great. Went down to Pompey just before xmas and the whole Jo's, Neros and Casino strip has now been flattened!!!! Happy days!! Trying to remember the bar next to Jo's where you went downstairs?
  4. Never liked Pompey clubs - preferred the 'Old Pompey' pubs, but then again was never a Pompey rate.

    There was mass panic when on WIGS '89 the buzz went round that Boobs had been closed and huge relief when it proved to be spurious, though the tears were shed a few years later when it (was) burnt down. Wonder who did that then?

    Can't remember many specific foreign bars, though 'Monty Trainers' (sp?) in Miami was pretty good and also a special mention for the whorehouse outside the dockyard in Varna (Bulgaria) where I had to scrounge the ickies off the TOW for my swansong whoreshag on my final foreign run ashore.

    I'm welling up here...
  5. One of the best is barastis in le meridian hotel in Dubai, or the irish village also in dubai, its over the road from the emirates training college so full of absolutely essence girls, all nationalities. its a nice place to go as well, most of the bars in Mombasa are shockingly bad in a good way. I still have nightmares about Jo's in pompey with some of the extra's from prisoner cell block H that used to go there looking for young innocent corruptible Matelots. Some of the women in there were fcuking munters of the lowest standard
  6. There used to be a bar called "Pancho Villas" in one of the hotels, but not sure if it was in Dubai or Sharjah? Always full of "Trolley Dollies" and loved a sailor!!!
  7. Honky Tonk? I certainly remember Nero's and the Club Tiberius. See here for Pleasurama complex (the old Savoy Ballrooms) shortly before Harry Redknapp bought it and had it knocked down for development. Also see here and these articles from the Pompey News:


    Old RR thread here: Emma's vs Joanna's
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  8. Naval Gazer, you are a legend!!! Honky Tonks is the place where I had many a great night!!! Cheers!!
  9. George The Crook's in Praia Do Vitoria, Terceira, Azores.. For years & years the head at George The Crook's was a hole in the corner of the head deck.. one time thru, mid 80s, we walk (holding one's breath) and there on the wall is a brand new American-Standard (US brand of fixtures) urinal bolted to the port head bulkhead.. even had a U-rope-ian style lead pipe connected to the goes-in-ta.. well I belly my Portagee wine filled belly up to it and begin relieving Mr Happy.. then I notice that my ankles are getting damp.. George The Crook had not connected the goes-out-a.. the shinny new urinal has the "clean-out" fitting removed and everything is flowing out to the deck and the hole in the corner..
  10. Hmmm now let me think ...... There was Beasties (Le Bistro Club) in southsea, just down from the Queens Hotel, The Albany (before it was called the Mighty Fine ... the good old days), A fine den of iniquity indeed. not forgetting fine foreign boozers/ whorehouses The Black Angus in San Juan Puerto Rico, Florida Bar & Sunshine Club in Mombas, Sloppy Joes & 801 Bar in Key West, Camp Legover (the fine purveyor of filthy cumsluts in Curacao W.I.) Feck me those were the days the song goes... Memories.... from the corners of my mind....
    Another one that springs to mind although from my more recent future.. F Club in london (if you aint heard of it...try google lol).
  11. thanks for the photo of the Tiberius complex.I was the Casino Gen manager there for 18 months in the late 70's early 80's.
    Lived up in Copnor but that casino and the bar below was a fanny magnet of gigantic proportions!Hard to stay faithful with all that floating around.
    It's instant dismissal if a Casino boss goes with a punter so not worth the risk but down stairs in the music bar was a diff.story.
    After a while the Southhampton Tiberius got into to trouble so I had to go there to straighten it,that was in the middle of the Red Light area,a diff.set up entirely!
    Best night club was the 69 club in Recife Brazil.
    A long bar with a 100 bedrooms upstairs and a 100 bedrooms downstairs with a type of wide majestic stairway going up and down.
    As a bonus we fought with the Greek seaman of the ships who we saw dancing hand in hand with each other!
    At that time we didn't know it was traditional,we thought they were all chutney ferrets and a few scraps broke out.
  12. I think I've asked this before, but then I somtimes find myself standing in front of an open cupboard wondering why.? Any way is the Pome Dio'r still there? However it's spelt.
  13. One of the worst clubs in the World has to rank as Emma's in Gosport. Guaranteed sticky floor, fights and galloping knob rot from the local birds who come out with £5 in their handbag.
  14. Seconded, what a hovel. Thankfully I haven't been there since 2001 so I hope it burnt down.
  15. The Pomme d'Or (Golden Apple in French) is long gone.
  16. No, it is very much still there! Scary place... :pirate:
  17. Been in gosport for about 5 months now, thankfully avoiding Emma's.. Pompey wise is shocking for nightlife, Fuzzy Duck & Walkabout are just about managable! Hopefully Cornwall will be better.
  18. Best Navs Den, Darylls, Catacombs Cape town........Two red shoes Elgin
  19. My all-time favourite low-life dives:

    Pompey - Beasties
    Guz - GX
    Rosyth - The Metro
    Belize - The Big C

    God, I'm old.
  20. When the flight stayed aboard Lowestoft/falmouth mid 70's in Pompey. Honkies was my Fav..Lots of totty. When back diesembarked to portland, harbour or steering wheel. I still own a seafront flat, (which is for sale BTW), just along from Nero's/Honky tonks

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