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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Ships_Cat, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Its Friday after divs, you've got 250 miles to go, its southern England and you're wearing sunglasses.....whats your weapon of choice?

    Back in the day I liked the 205 and 309GTi, then came the Clio 16v and Willams. The 405SRi was hard to beat though, same engine as the GTis but way cheaper on insurance (gp9) Had a couple of ZX's a 2.0 8V then a 16v, more space than a clio and no offset pedals.

    A lot of lads went for Montego Turbos and MG montegos, and some Maestros. Horrible to drive and look at but you could pick em up for peanuts. Cav SRi's were all over the place, GSi's and Turbos, Calibras etc.

    Of course the Impreza Turbo was just about ideal. I prefer the extra room in the Legacy, and the new model GT with 250hp stock is very quick.
  2. My Triumph Herald used to do Rosyth to Pompey and back regularly for weekends, and that was with 4 occupants!
  3. Weapon of choice? Caterham.
  4. Had the original shaped Toyota MR2 which was excellent for weekending. Not much use as a family car though. ;-)
  5. The new shape Toyota MR2. Convertible roof, great driving position, all mod cons in the cockpit, affordable for a sporty car and best of all it drives like a go cart!!! Fast, responsive, amazing handling and just great fun.

    If youve not had a blast, try and arrange a test drive. It has a HUGE grin factor if you get the chance to put it through its paces!!
  6. An MX5..
    Ideal handling (basic 1.8 model only) room for two and a limited amount of luggage.
    It has enough punch to cover distance and is enough fun to make the journey fun - as long as you rev it! Just about the best gearchange in the business.
  7. I used to have a Cav SRI. At one point it was reffered as the Vauxhall Clitoris because every cent had one! Great weekenders machine, it could go up Haldon Hill in 5th with 4 lads in it and not slow down. Much as Caterhams/MX-5s/MR2s etc are great cars, they dont really qualify as Weekenders wagons, not enough seats, not enough luggage space. No passengers = No Petrol Money!
  8. I managed Faslane to Leeon Solent and back in a Mini in 24 hrs in the 60s
    and Lee on Solent to Penrith in 3 hrs in a 3litre Sierra 4*4 in the 80s
    I am more aware of Speed ( sorry SafetyI cameras these days
  9. 205 Gti West Cornwall to Lee on solent 3 hours five minutes including a refueling stop.
    Today I`d choose a large engined turbo diesel, the road is alot better today.
  10. I often drive a Seat with the TDI130 turbo engine and it goes like stink, pulls like a train, and still gets almost 60 mpg. The 2.0 version of the same engine uses even less fuel but has a few less 'cojones' noise wise.
  11. Agreed, and thats why the 205 was ok for trips to the smoke, but you needed something bigger for proper weekends. Astras were ok 3 up but didnt have the back seat room.

    250 miles, 2hrs 12mins door to door (yes, I know what that makes my average speed...). Course now Im older I'm much more relaxed........ :whew:
  12. Renault 5 Gordini...... greased lightning, and a concealed zip in the back of the front seats that you could get your df's into without MOD Plod finding them! marvellous! :thumright:
  13. Mate of mine bought a Sierra Cosworth when we worked in the Big Smoke in the 90s: what a flying machine that was - SE London to Guzz in 3 1/2 hours, door to door, including a stop at Easton-in-Gordano services, where the Hells Angels were prepared to swop a ride on a Harley Davidson for a spin in the motor. (He sold it eventually and bought a Harley).
  14. A personal favourite of mine would be the Saab 9000 turbo, 2.3 16v, the later Aero was a better car but the 90-92 was pure Bertone. Big hatch for all the bags, comfy seats, T25 turbo or TD04 later, 200hp plus isnt a lot by todays standards but enough to make this do 145+ thanks to 237lb ft. Aeros were 225hp (then 230hp/250hp). Not a fan of the autos. You can kip on the back seat, pull it forwards makes it wider, (had quite a cuddle with the mrs on the backseat on the way home from Raleigh) or fold the seat and kip full length in the boot. Not quite as quick as the Cossie 4x4 but not the thief magnet they were or insurance target. The 850 T5R/850R were quick cars, but too few to buy and too much money. A lot of autos.
    The later 9-5 and wagon aren't the same, despite the continuing platform and engines. The 900/9-3 doesn't quite have the passenger legroom, and only the Viggen got the engine, but the front wheels don't handle it well without some Abbot racing mods.
  15. Triumph Dolomite - Yellow of course - never owned one, but a mate used to take me on the razzle in one. Went like a rocket .....

    Or the eponymous Ford Capri 3.0 Auto in Daytona Yellow (again !!) and a black vinyl roof - no problems with having to change gear then !! ;)

    But these were cars that were recognisable, not like the 'all-out-of-the-mould' shape you get these days :(

    Had a Singer Sunbeam 1.8 in the 70s, fitted with a Weber carb - left a Jag standing on the way up the M1 to Forest Moor ... :lol:
  16. Five of us would go to the Plume of Feathers at Princetown most Sunday lunchtimes, in a VW Beetle.
    It was lousy as a weekend car, slow with dodgy handling, but, after a few pints it seemed ok to us. It got us back from the pub in one bit, which is all that could be said for it (We lived in Mutley Plain).
    The thing was so unreliable we called it Hitlers revenge.
    It finally died, of smoke inhalation, on the A38 near the Paignton turn off.
  17. somebody else's on a duty trip
  18. Honda Pan European or a Triumph Sprint ST.

    Both have enough space for a decent amount of kit and you reduce the nause of traffic. Can't get away from it completely as filtering is still slower, but at least you're making some progress.

    Decent fabric riding gear and the weather isn't so much of a problem either.
  19. So I had a poke round to see whats out there, heres a couple of picks

    (Its at a dealer so you would expect to get the price down a couple of hundred.)
    '97 Saab 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo Manual (5dr Hatchback) 89k FSH £3495

    Private sale, there seem to be a couple around at 45-60k miles for around £4k
    '01 FORD MONDEO 2.5 Ghia X 5dr Hatchback Manual, 45k Metallic Grey.1 owner from new. Full Ford Dealer service history £3,995.

    Again, some choice to be had between 40-70k from £4500
    '02 SKODA OCTAVIA 1.8T RS 5dr Hatchback, Red £4,995 40k F Skoda SH

    2001 SEAT LEON 1.8 20V T Cupra 5dr Hatchback, Yellow, £4,500 73k

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