Best way to cancel RMC application

Well I sent an application away last month for the RMC's as I'm currently still at school(Few months left before leaving)

I have received a date for my recruitment test to be taken(next week), however I've decided I would rather continue with education(College/uni) and then go from there.

I was going to email the AFCO from the email I have that was left within an email I received from them. Would this be sufficient in cancelling the application and if so what would be best to say?


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Yep, just reply to the email inviting you to sit the recruit test. No problem.

Best of luck with your future studies.

One thing worth considering is most selection elements remain valid for a year (recruit test is valid for three years). To this end, apply before you finish your education so that you have a job waiting for you when you finish. The average successful RM applicant takes around 8 months to complete selection but for those 100% ready, it can be achieved in nearer 3 months.
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