best way of prerparing for 2.4k run?

Discussion in 'Joining the Royal Navy' started by daedalus345, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. should I try for comfortable running for as long as I can? 20/40/60 mins?
    this is what the navy fitness leaflet seems to suggest.

    But do I also need to practice having a high pace, and smashing 11 min target?

    which is best to get my fitness up to a high standard?
  2. Just run until you need spew that's a tried and tested method!!
  3. I'm also preparing for the 2.4 k and from what I've found my average running speed is ~1 km every 4 mins (15kmh) the problem is, I can't run for a solid 10 minutes which is what I'd need to do to cover 2.4 k.

    I think that once you can run for 20/40 mins then you'll have the cardiovascular fitness to fall within the time limit quite easily but I'm 6'3" so maybe the test's unfairly balanced in my favour
  4. Why's height an advantage?

    I'm reading a running book at the moment, it has tips on good form, to run faster efficiently it says to kick your feet up behind to your bum. I.e. keep your feet under your centre of gravity, don't lunge forward.
  5. Longer legs = more distance covered per step
  6. this is true. if you lunge forward you are effectively braking after each step.
  7. You kind of answered your own question, do both. Run every other day, one day go for a distance (4 to 6 mile) run at a comfortable pace, the next do your timed 1.5 mile. If you condition your body to run for say 40 mins at 10 or 11 kph then running at 15kph for only 10 mins will feel easy, at least it did for me..
  8. 1. Locate car keys
    2. Open car door and sit in driver's seat
    3. Start engine
    4. Engage gears and move off.
    5. After car has run for 2.4km - STOP!

    Hope this helps - work's for me anyway :)
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  9. When I did my 1.5 mile none of this metric stuff, I was a bit older than you youngsters so give 12 mins, on my pre leadership test in Drake I did 11m 58s the PTI gave me grief for only just passing, cobblers I say, 2seconds of wasted effort. In my leadership 1.5miles I did 11m 35s on my second run a month later, which the PTI’s expected improvement I did 11m 35s PTI gives me grief for loafing, I said I was consistent, he couldn’t expect tuned athletes to break records on every run?

    I was a very fit Prop forward and knew my running speed very well.

    The point to this is get out and do the foot work, the stamina will get better and as an aside the speed should improve, best to mark out a distance a few hundred meters further than you need once you can crack this in your allotted time, you are home and dry. There is no couch potatoes video game that will do this for you, just good hard graft, make sure you have good footwear, the last thing you need is an injury due to crap footwear.
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  10. Everyone has different fitness levels so one method works best for some but not others. I did all my running training on a treadmill. I sent my application in February and before that I hadn't ran since I was at school. That was a while ago as I'm 26 now however the first time I got on the treadmill, I couldn't run for more than 2 minutes running 10 kmph. However I would say on the treadmill for 30 minutes and record the distance I ran in that time. The more you do this the better you get! I had my PJFT last month and passed with a time of 9.43.
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  11. I was running and training four times a week. I averaged a 3 mile run, then did 150 skips on a jump rope, 50 press-up's followed by 50-sit up's and I did that everytime I went training. I tried to fit a 60 minute swim in on a Sunday as well. I passed the PJFT with ease. Unfortunately, I had to cease my application with the RN.

    Four years later, I'm set to re-apply in January and I'm back training again. My weight has gone up and my fitness levels have gone down and my BMI is over 25 right now...I'll be doing the same thing as I previously did. One week of that so far starting last Saturday and 8 pounds gone.
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