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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by simon, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. who was the best admiral / vice admiral you ever served under ?

    can be living or deceased.
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  2. Why you asking this questions twice..
    *requests admin locks this one* :p
  3. I repeat - Dickie Mountbatten, a Gentleman
  4. cos i wasn't sure where to put it - as the actress said to the bishop :lol:
  5. Not that I met many Admirals, but RAdm Raikes, when FOSM, struck me as a decent sort of chap when he came on my boat - 1975
  6. Vice Admiral Geoffrey Biggs, last job was DCINCFLEET or DCF as it was known. I served under him in HMS BROADSWORD when he was the Captain, and again at Northwood when he was DCF. Fantastic character, complete ball of fire.

    He used to wear a baseball cap with a hand showing 2 fingers on top when he was being de-briefed by FOST staff, everytime he nodded his head ... you guessed it.

    He could complete the Times crossword faster than anyone I have ever met, was a chainsmoker and played Bridge like an International.

    Sadly he died not long after retiring.
  7. Purple Ronnie,

    I worked for GWR in Gib, a wonderful character and as sharp as a pin. Came out with a cracker one day when some tosser recommended that a solution to one of Gib's many problems was to form a committee. Smashing his fist on the table in front of the whole staff he snapped "I hate f***ing committees. No-one ever suggested forming a committee again...

    He also had a wonderful dit from when he was D Navy Ops? in MOD. He was expecting to brief Maggie the next day and wanted to be smarter than normal in his plain clothes (he could be a bit of a scran bag). Reached in the wardrobe, removed a suitcover through which he could see pinstripe and took it into the MOD. Come the appointed hour he undid the suitcover only to find his wife's pinstripe......

    Great bloke and very different to his predecessor Nick Hill Norton

  8. GWR ?..... can you say his whole name please ?

    cheers :)
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I can't remember having any contact with Admirals or even seeing one for that matter, still I don't suppose they would remember seeing me either. We did have a Commodore as SNOWI when I was on the Ulster, I think his surname was Martin, does that count.
    Since leaving the mob I have met and socialised with several both serving and retired, strange old world really
  10. Julian Oswald as far as working for one goes. Very bright man with a good feel and management style for the people below him. Easy to talk to as well.

    Jock Slater would also be up there.

    As a communicator, I have to say Dickie Mountbatten was THE man and I was lucky enough to meet him at Mercury in 1977 as a young RO. Just such a pity he was taken from us in such horrible circumstances in '79.
  11. Simon - as it was addressed to Purple Ronnie re his post I would have thought it fairly evident I was referring to Vice Admiral GWR Biggs.
  12. Jonathon Band. Without a doubt.
  13. He was the Skipper of my last ship (Norfolk)

    Sound Guy!
  14. any more top admirals guys?

    thought there would be more....

  15. Totally Concur. He is one of the few I would willingly follow into combat.
  16. Michael Le Fanu was the best ive ever met,Captain of Eagle,then there was Admiral Eberlee,FOCAS staff,I was on the Team,mind you Admiral Le Fanu did go on to stop the Tot.
  17. Yeah but was that under politico pressure?
  18. Vice Admiral David Gregory. FOSNI I was his driver for 8 months 1965, A Gentleman, downside He had disposed of His private Cars which made for more duty than R&R
  19. Roxborough was the one fore me (hopt its spelt right)
  20. don't forget Boycey - he's the one standing up for us in the House of Lords and arguing the case for our existence at the moment, at the same time as trying to encourage the government to give us enough funding to allow us to do our jobs properly instead of the haf-hearted ass that Fleet are making of it at the moment due to lack of support.

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