Best time to arrive at FAT's?

Good afternoon all!

Just been confirmed onto the flying aptitude tests in May of this year but the guidance doesn't really have a fixed time for arrival? Is it just arrive at any time the day before and is it possible to stay an extra night as I will have a very long train journey or will I have to book a Travelodge ect? Sorry for so many questions in one!

Mmmm, "Cloud Sheep"eh?

How is your Aptitude on this buzzard?



Have you thought of asking whoever informed you of your place & date of said FATS? Plenty of time between now & May...

Edit to Add. Sorry but Ninja Stoker, formerly the lone AFCO of this Parish, has moved on to other responsibilities and he's unlikely to help on this one (or any others...)
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Sorted now guys, got a follow-up email with the details conveniently at the moment I posted this thread. Wait has Ninja completely left?

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