Best time for an AIB whilst at University

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tomahawk, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. I'm currently in my 2nd year at university (coming to the end of 2nd year that is) and I'm undergoing the recruitment process for Warfare Officer. I was declared TMU in Jan of this year and I've been working to correct the issue, which is now sorted. The question I have is the timing for the rest of the process. I'm wanting to time it so that I go to my AIB and if I manage to pass it, I can make the most of the year it is valid for. Ideally I'd want a Feb AIB date so if I passed it, I'd be eligible for entry into BRNC for the Sept, Nov 2014 and Feb 2015 intakes, is this the best way to go about it?

  2. Any guidance at all?
  3. That sounds like a reasonable plan, Tomahawk.

    Suggest asking for a Sift Interview which is in early January, before you go back to University. That way, you have your Christmas hols to polish up your knowledge while polishing off the odd mince pie.

    The rationale behind that suggestion is that you can build up your preparation during termtime and be ready for your Sift at the end of the hols.

    PS Bear in mind the validity of other things too eg RT score, Fitness, Medical etc.

    PS Ask about going on a Potential Officer course.
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  4. Ok, that's great. So if I go for SIFT early Jan, working backwards, should that be Fitness Test November/early December and so Medical late September, early October?

    What stage should I do that at? My application is currently suspended, based on my TMU so I'm guessing I'd need the re-Medical before going on the Potential Officers course?
  5. Tomahawk

    I think that the remainder of your application is going to pivot on your medical situation. I see that you say that the problem which led to your being TMUd is now sorted, so I think that the best thing would be for that to be conveyed to your CA, so that your status as an active and medically fit candidate can be verified medically and confirmation added to the system.
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  6. Ok, thanks for all of this Soleil, just one last thing, if I ring them up and say that my medical issue has now been resolved, I imagine I would have to come in for another medical to confirm it. Would I then be able to schedule my fitness test for the timescale stated in the previous post?

    Thanks again and I know I'm asking a lot of questions, just want to get this clear!
  7. Tomahawk, I love your optimism that Pusser will run to the convenience of your timetable and not the other way around!
  8. Definitely try to go on a Potential Officer Course Tomahawk! I just did one at Yeovilton this week and it was extremely helpful.
  9. I can't help with the application advice, but good luck for 3rd year. It has taken a bit of my soul.
  10. I would advise against trying to time things, just get the ball rolling as soon as possible. After talking to other POCs on acquaint days, which i highly recommend btw, i found that everyone had very different timescales for their application. Most of us had similar AIB dates but we all started our application many months apart.

    Another thing to bear in mind is that staff at the AFCO are very understanding with regard to degrees. I have just passed my sift and was worried about a clash of AIB with my final exams and they helped me to work around that. That said, if i was offered a date i would take it no question tbh.
  11. Thanks for all the advice. I'm definitely going to ring up the AFCO and let them know I now consider myself medically fit and take it from there. I'll investigate and definitely try and get on a POC Marshmellow. In regards to the AIB, I was trying to get it so that I have the longest possible time to hopefully use the 1 year it's valid for but if what you're saying is true petkenator then they'll understand that and help me with it. Dredd, I wasn't trying to make pusser work around me, just to make the most of the validity period. And thanks Rachelthree, after the amount of work I've had this year I'm not looking forward to it. Although the good news is my dissertation is Royal Navy related so at least I'll be able to (perhaps) enjoy (maybe) doing that

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