best submariner bars in the country

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by scousesubmariner, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. for anyone who knows Barrow quite a few of the lads have adopted the george on walney and of course the Cross Keys (Star wars bar) as their favoured drinking establishment, would be good to know of anymore in the uk especially liverpool and the wirral
  2. none up there its grim up north as lived up there for a few years the avondale in guzz is not to bad tho
  3. yeah but isnt that more general service i'm looking for proper deeps boozers
  4. not when i been in there went in there with lads of tireless and trenchant during smq and there was lads of traf to more subys than skimmers
  5. THE IMPS !!! End of chat.ETME is not a submariner yet anyway so how would he know??Part III scumbag
  6. Fighting Cocks, Alverstoke when Blockhouse was open.

    Imps Helensburgh

  7. Part 3's are allowed to drink?[​IMG]

    The IMPS, or the Grapes, not sure if it's still around though...
  8. Avondales does have more submariners.. the RNA is always full of at the avondale the bargirls get their spaniels ears out.. though you'd tip em a tenner to put em away..
  9. The Avondale is a dump now anyway. Arthur and Betty must be spinning in their graves.
  10. used to be a pub called the dover castle in chatham absolutly chocca with submariners but prob not no more if its still there
  11. What do you know OD you've only been in the mob ten minutes!
    The RA and Star in Go-Port not to mention the Gand D
  12. Have to agree with Nutty The fighting Cocks at Alverstoke lived up to it's name when a boat came in. The Imps in Hellenburgh I'm sure it always has been. In Guz we used The Carpenters Arms (nearest to the Dockyard Gate).
  13. scousesubmariner do you frequent Scorpios in Barrow on a tuesday night? Always a few buddys in boats in there.
  14. Fcuk off g fo shizzle
  15. Yeh, but not allowed to watch movies....ah shame.
  16. When we were in barrow Bar cairo was the duty bar. Not that were SM. Dont go over walney much its bandit country.
  17. walney is ace its the future as for bar cairo you do get a good run on that side of the water and you cant beat barrow lasses
  18. when we got in to ramsden dock everyone was well depressed. Saying you actually live in this shit hole. Went on leave for a few days came back and the mess proper loved it. LOad of lads are going to drive up one weekend. Barrow birds are class :)
  19. ive been here 18 months and it is dive but like they say there are no bad runs just bad runners and the george on walney is like a 2nd home :w00t:
  20. thats probably why you are not qualified yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tp:

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