best submariner bars in the country

for anyone who knows Barrow quite a few of the lads have adopted the george on walney and of course the Cross Keys (Star wars bar) as their favoured drinking establishment, would be good to know of anymore in the uk especially liverpool and the wirral
Avondales does have more submariners.. the RNA is always full of at the avondale the bargirls get their spaniels ears out.. though you'd tip em a tenner to put em away..
ETME_submariner said:
not when i been in there went in there with lads of tireless and trenchant during smq and there was lads of traf to more subys than skimmers
The Avondale is a dump now anyway. Arthur and Betty must be spinning in their graves.


Lantern Swinger
used to be a pub called the dover castle in chatham absolutly chocca with submariners but prob not no more if its still there
scousesubmariner said:
yeah but isnt that more general service i'm looking for proper deeps boozers
What do you know OD you've only been in the mob ten minutes!
The RA and Star in Go-Port not to mention the Gand D


Lantern Swinger
Have to agree with Nutty The fighting Cocks at Alverstoke lived up to it's name when a boat came in. The Imps in Hellenburgh I'm sure it always has been. In Guz we used The Carpenters Arms (nearest to the Dockyard Gate).
when we got in to ramsden dock everyone was well depressed. Saying you actually live in this shit hole. Went on leave for a few days came back and the mess proper loved it. LOad of lads are going to drive up one weekend. Barrow birds are class :)
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