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That was the boring topic in the pub at lunchtime,I wasn't much interested but the best I could come up with was:
Best smell.......Burning Wood/New cut Hay ......Worst Smell........ 32 Mess HMS victorious 1961.
I left as they were still debating but I know Hairy Pie never came in to it! shame as it's is either very good or very bad!
I guess no-one wanted to discuss the rippers they had done or being near too!
I remember the story of a van load of Musicians on the way to a gig when suddenly
someone dropped a gagging corker,the driver took the wrong turning and had to backtrack where as some one shouted out "Christ all Mighty we don't have to pass through that again do we?"[It was George Melley!]
My Brother went to work in London and with a few others, worked the sites and slept in a van,he said it was so bad there was a permanent hole in the Ozone layer above the Van!
Never been as bad as that! but some may have!


War Hero
Good - the smell of a brand new neoprene wet/dry suit hanging up in the shop.

Bad - the same suit (having been used and abused for a couple of years) at the start of the (UK) diving season, having been left in a damp ball in a bag in a cold damp garage. Add a factor of 100% if it has been pissed in!

Norway Chris

Best smell is "Lano for liten Lano for stor",my favorite soap in Norway,and worst smell is/was my poor departed wife`s dog,he friggin honks, :)
Best smell: diesel on the morning air on trot 1 Dolphin after a morning watch.

Worst smell : Outside tiffs socks after 2 months at sea.


War Hero
Best smell........Sunday Roast while cooking
Worst Smell........The old style Pub urinals before auto flushing became common.


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Best: A mixture of coffee and fresh pine inthe Hotel Adler in Switzerland on a school journey in '72.

Worst: Me on the plane back from Dublin after a three day festival down in Tipperary. Smell nearly got worse when stopped by some security chap at Luton airport with some '19whenever prevention of terrorism act' stuff, but he didn't persue the matter. I was probably quite low on the PIRA hit list.


Lantern Swinger
A home-cooked meal nearing completion, or the back of a man's neck (if he's hot)

Worst: stale milk or bedsores
Good? That rich, heady aroma which one permeated the area around the point of issue at 1130 each day. (Sigh: 'twas an olfactory experience to be treasured forever.)

Bad? That first sickly exposure to a few lungfuls of (allegedly) fresh air following a long patrol.
Best smell - freshly baked bread.
Worst smell - being inside the aft STP when opened for cleaning after some twat put detergent down the aft heads.......


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Best smell - some cologne a lad was wearing on the 32a bus to town. I was stood next to him and I can still smell it now and this was 3 years ago. I've never worked out what aftershave it is but it was absolutely delicious.

Worst smell - rotting flesh. Having worked as a carer and dressed such wounds, I know this. The smell is one you never, ever forget.


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Best-fresh baked bread
Worst-blocked grey water pipes. Forget STP's or urinals, I've never seen so many stokers vom working on them as I have grey water.
Have to go with t42s and tiddly with fresh baked bread for best.
Worst.- Autopsy for an anatomy lecture,the fomaldahide,smell was as bad.


War Hero
Best-a freshly poured pint of Guinness with a Lagavulin chaser.
Worst- the gas that erupts from my arse or a faceful of CS gas.

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