Best sea week ever - dit for those who think its all bad

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by beer_bosun, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. September last year I spent possibly the best week so far in the RNR. Needed a week for ORT and managed to get on board Cattistock a Hunt class MCMV for all those big ship boys.

    Joined her on Sunday evening in Pompey and put to sea early Monday morning. The ship didn't seem to be on any specific routine other than a transit to Seaham.

    Objective of the week was to bring the crew up to speed on all aspects of NBCD training as they'd had recently turnovered over about 50% of crew so weren't used to working together.

    Throughout the week we carried out daily fire exercises, mobexs, first aid serials. Interspaced in these were afternoons in the seaboat pracising coming alongsides, armed boardings, live firings from the sweepdeck, intruder exercises.

    Highlight was a cock and arse party in Seaham (beleive me if you get the chance to dock in Seaham, take note of the train times out of it - it was the highlight of the entering harbour brief).

    Great week - great training - advice to anyone, get this training while you can.
  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Funny old thing that.... the best ORT I had in the RNR was going to sea too... you never know, if we're lucky it might catch on!
  3. How do you go about getting some sea training or finding out what's available?
  4. See your training office, they should have a longcast. Ex MW ratings can still go through RTO via CPO(M)
  5. Agreement from me here again Beer bosun, its habit forming! :) .
    Without ditting on about the good old days of MCM10, thats why i joined the rnr, to go to sea, and i feel that the main problem with retention may be the fact that it takes so long to actually get there, what with all the courses that have to be done etc, before you can actually get there. I've not been to sea since 2003 on op telic 1, and this is because of the courses that the powers that be have put in place that need to be done (parts of which were already done on mobilisation)
    It's a great thing to get out there at sea, and IMHO, theres no better routine that that of a small ship MCMV, good for team working and bonding too. Glad you enjoyed it, and hope that there are more opportun ities like this for the rest of us!

  6. MCM 10, you must be a young whipper snapper then, it was MS10 in my day and my best training cruise was the first MS10 deployment to Gibraltar, escorted by ACR's flagship, Belfast.

  7. Well Peter, i've been in the rnr for 22 years, but in light of your comments, i bow to your superiority in time on this planet. I suppose in those days they used to 'hoist main engines'........ :wink: :D
  8. Oh we were quite modern, or at least we thought so at the time, they had got rid of all the old Mirlees engines and we had shiny new Deltics, but some had not had their shafting upgraded as I found out on that trip. I was parachuted into the Bristol sweeper for that trip to make up numbers as a very skin JME, and we did the trip with a very dicky stbd stern gland which resulted in us having a fire hose playing on it the whole time at sea to keep it cool. We had a reasonable storm accros the bay and my watches consisted of a 15 minute cycle of shecking the stern tube temperature in the after fuel space, gettin back on deck and chucking up, then retiring to the control room to munch my way through a ships biscuit so I had some food to come up the next time.

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun peter! also sounds like the reason i recatted to seaman after my first weekend at sea as an mem2.. :)
  10. In reality it was a lot better than it sounds, had my first experience of Fado and Vinho Verde, La Linea Exhibish, and even got a run ashore in Tangeirs. And the return passage across the bay was OK. Oh almost forgot had my first Tot, and all that at the tender age of 16.

  11. Not old enough to remember the tot either!!! :cry: curse my youth!!!! :lol: had lots of good runs ashore with the sweepers tho. miss them a lot.
  12. My Best week month actually, Brilliant was tasked to carry out testing on he new "Stingray" torpedo in the Autec ranges in the Bahamas...I was on the aft sea wolf traker at the time (switched off for 4 weeks). So i had nothing to do.....loads of jollies and a raher special visit to the Bacardi factory.....i think i turned into Jack Sparrow by the end of the deployment Arrr Harrr!
  13. Anybody remember the great runs ashore in Lisbon in the early eighties???
    Texas bar, where boys became men ha ha

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