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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Graeme, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Just out of interest where has been the best places all you submariners have had when getting a run ashore?
  2. They generally avoided hot places because of the smell.
    The locals didn't like it.:laughing8::icon_smile:
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  3. It's actually 'runs ashore'. And my answer to the question is....Plymouth. New Orleans was quite good I suppose...and Bermuda.
  4. I never understood "runs ashore". **** it took me all my time to stand and walking was miraculous.
    Bastard pernod.
  5. Alternatively ... what was the best run ashore you had without sight (or smell) of a guzundertheseaboatman!;-P
  6. I get sick of hearing that expression "the best runs are the ones you can't remember"
    Bullshit, those were usually the expensive ones.
    I recon the fines I paid bought the fuckin invincible, it was delayed at the builders as I had a spell of being good for a few weeks in 78/79.
  7. Depended on what Hotel they put you up in Holiday inn, Ramada inn, Best western it could make all the difference to the run ashore, one place they put us in, the Evian water at breakfast was never chilled and if you didnt get down early there wasnt a fromage frais to be seen.
  8. Reckon the best run ashore I didn't have was some grotty hole in India where we were heading on the Dev in 75/76 ... only the stokey boys blew the port boiler up off Lisbon and we had to go home instead!

    Incidentally some years later went down the engine space while she was up on the trot in Pompey Dockyard training some sprogs and the boiler looked as if the cap was on top of the stack when the thing farted! Talk about expanded ... how nobody got killed I dont know!
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  9. Halifax Nova Scotia was an excellent run, also got introduced to Moose Milk on that run. Agree with Polto about Bermuda although he did slightly ruin it when I trapped a gronk who was taking me off in her car, when Polto dived in the back and said "where we off to now". Endex romantic moment!!!!I've always enjoyed Gib...Mmmmmm JC's :)
  10. Pernod - bugger me, hadn't thought of that in years! Was like drinking liquid aniseed balls.

    Not usually one for cocktails but like the sound of this though:

    Bag of Filth

    - Crushed ice
    - 30 ml. Pernod licorice liqueur
    - 30 ml. Tia Maria coffee liqueur

    Fill glass with crushed ice. Pour pernod and Tia Maria into glass. Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker and give shaker a rapid 3 second shake. Pour contents back into glass. The drink of choice by the New Zealand firefighters when off duty. 1 drink = wow. 2 drinks = jesus christ!! 3 drinks = I'll fight any one. 4 drinks = someone call the paramedics.

    Bag of Filth - Bag of Filth Mixes - Bag of Filth Recipes - Bag of Filth Ingredients - Drink Project - Page 1
  11. Dev 75/76? You must know my mate "mad dan", alias "bullet. You poor ****** you just missed me, how sad.
  12. Bag of filth?
    Thats whet they used to call me when I came back on board.

    My favorite cocktail was thus...

    Bottle of Pernod, unscrew the top, pour into a bucket of ice and drink. It might need a splash of lemonade depending on the weather.
    And wrecks another great drink in Gib was thus...
    Into sugars bar, grab jug of orange from table (always there on house) pour oppos aftershave (the one he trusted you to look after) into orange beg ice and drink.
    Farts smelled essence for days after but could not eat curry or chilli without follow through syndrome becoming imminent.
  13. Haifa, Israel. Got to go and see where Jesus was born and left a request for a decent shore draft on a note which I stuffed into a crack in the Wailing Wall. Was invited to get out the hotel swimming pool by several members of what look like Israeli Special Forces one evening when things got a bit out of hand. They actually pointed guns at us. We all got out and went to bed with our hot water bottles and teddy bears.
  14. We've had this convesation before Rummers ... your memory must be as bad as mine!!!! Only bloke I can really remember on there was Slim H****l big BIG killick seaman who was also my run ashore oppo!
  15. Anyway, back on thread..... San Francisco and San Diego - both brilliant runs ashore. Especially when in San Diego it was for 4 weeks on full subbies - yippee.

    Wrecker - Moose Milk - oh deep, deep joy!! The Canucks used to put in on the the SR's Mess in DOLPHIN on the morning of Jan 1st as a 'hair of the dog'. Pity it was SO moreish!!
  16. Yes I do like reading the red sailor and having a portion of poached poached salmon whilst doing so. (That was not a stutter)
    Besides that oh yes do you know a bloke called Dan somthing or other he was on a ship called the dreadonshire or something like that. Does Hms Campanology ring any bells?
  17. HMS Piano strikes a chord.
  18. Do you think Pinocchio could pull a few strings and get me on?
  19. Dunno about campanology but tintinnabulation has a ring to it
  20. You are describing Malta @ 1700hrs Sundays.

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