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Key West, in the middle of Broadsword's 1991 States/Caribbean deployment. 5 days, 6 bag offs, 1 duty in what we were told was the Brown Hatter capital of the US. Scotty sorry, I know you were under pun on the last day, but the girl was grieving


Lantern Swinger
So many runs ashore, it's hard to pin it down to one.

Aruba in about '91 (Fearless), belay that, ALL of that deployment was corking. The lads razor sharp wit* reduced Tony 'Donkey' Adams to tears in a bar in Antigua just after he got caught drink/driving.

*"OI Tony you're a ******!" ahhhh, rest easy Oscar Wilde.
Most runs on CONX and VALIANT 1971-78, from the "Topless Go-Go Killick Steward" in Jay's Bar, Norfolk Va, to the bar in Gib, when two of Her Majj's finest stood darkening the doorway, saying "Allo, allo, allo, what's agoing on 'ere then ?", to be greeted by Black Jack Shellac jumping out the window and running down Main Street, shouting "The Press, the Press !" Them were the days - and Civvy Street doesn't have anything like that......
San Francisco in 1965,the place was full of hippies and flower power. Had an oppo called scouse,said he knew the Beatles!we could not go wrong.


Lantern Swinger

Was that the same Scouse that said he taught Ringo to play the drums or went to school with Lennon? One on every ship or boat in those days, and their porkies worked a treat as ground bait for those gullible American birds didn't they. Guilty of it myself on many an occasion. Happy days!

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Ten hours in the Pig & Whistle in Cocoa, then a 6am start for a fast cruise (with chefs drinking lager on the bus to PCan), forgotten ID Card, a pilfered ID Card from an under-21 and an all day rack-out as far away from a main broadcast speaker as possible. Woke up as the safeguard rule was no longer in force, got into the duty sa transport and got on it again!
Best run ashore christ that's a hard one to decide when you've had so many.

I loved the far east full stop spent lots of time out there on two deployments.

Other than the far East good runs I had were Hawaii, San Deigo, Belize, Russia.

In Britain had some crackers on Fish Patrol Milford Havon we drank the Railway Pub dry and paid for their mortgage that month lol

Edinburgh and Newcastle also good.

I loved Waterford as well
Best Run! Theres been so many good ones but one of the best would have to be Sydney during the Global 86 Deployment on the Mighty Manch! Started at 10am on the way back from the CVS .. short stop for tot time on a NZ frigate ( PO Doc was an All Black so hard to refuse) went on to lunch time sess on the Yukon (Canuk).. before staggering back on board for Dhobs then onto Adelaide for party time .. then ashore in Kings X until 0700 for a fast black back to the ship! Mind the whole of deployment was a cracker! Vancouver, Hawaii .. Honkers

Mind Ft Lauderdale in 90 on the Intrepid had its attractions!


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Best run? Back in Pompey after a long deployment; nothing gets your heart going than passing Round Tower and seeing the people waving, knowing that you'll be stepping on UK soil shortly with your loved one in your arms (unless you were Duty Watch of course...) :wink:
tommo said:
Best run ashore christ that's a hard one to decide when you've had so many.
I loved the far east,same here tommo but i will leave you to speculate what sort of run you could of made of this. 4 days in port and the rate of exchange on board was 64 Zlotty to the quid,up the road the locals would give you 300 minimum,700 or so crew and the PayBod reckoned we only drew £500.

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