Best run ashore town/city you visited.


Apart from Pompey and Guzz (JOKE!!!!!) what was the best town or city you visited for a great run ashore? I had some brilliant runs in Cape Town, Singers, Hong Kong and Mombasa - haven't we all? However, that said, my favourite 2 were Bergen (Norway) on Phoebe (frigate) and Bayonne (Basque region of south-west France) on the Andrew (boat).


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Had a good time in Accra, Banjul, Lagos and Monrovia during the Civil War.
About 20 Caribbean islands all blurred into one big rum-fest....

Eventually got to Hong Kong last year, very disappointed, very expensive and crowded.

Falmouth always a winner.


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Norfolk Beach, Virginia
But some of my best runs have been the Embankment weekend.
After the Parade straight to the Church then onto backpackers for some dentist chair action very messy but top run.
Bermuda, Puerto Rico and in the UK I would fact I cant think of one I would say was the best or really that good :(

Swidvin in Poland was good only because we were on a fortune in daily subs and the place was cheap as chips.
Don't remember that, however I was still mostly "socially confused" in the mornings :)

One thing that did stick in my mind was the Polish Air Force guys kept thanking us for visiting, it meant that they all finally got new uniforms that they had been waiting for.


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Panama City. Evil as all Hell and the only place I have ever been
that had a combined nightclub/pub/brothel and a go-kart track
out the back.

El Ferrol del Caudillo. A few beers and a visit to a bull fight.
What's not to like?

Sao Vicente. The place where I purchased a hoofing big sea shell
for a souvenir, only to find it wandering round the mess in the middle
of the night. The locals had omitted to take the fu**ing big crab out
of it.

Haifa, Israel. Where myself and several other crew members were
ushered out of our hotel swimming pool at gunpoint.


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Singers in Terror barracks while decockying - who remembers 'who wantsa da feckinah peanut' - did the dry cleaning overnight

Some truly memorable (or not) Barbies on uninhabited islands in Indian Ocean - Christmas Island (I think) with British Legion and Watneys Red Barrel an hour into the jungle

Hull and Liverpool in the 80s

Australia and NZ in the 70s when just opening a door and being polite for the Ladies got you anything you wanted..............


Kieler Woche (Kiel Week) - 2015. Wasn't sober for five or so days, just drank beer and watched scorpion tribute acts. Bliss.

Cardiff was also brilliant and also (oddly) Montrose.


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Berkhamsted, Tring, Linslade.......OK, I'm making them up. But the matelots who operated the RN's narrow boat flotilla may well have had some good runs ashore on the Grand Union in the early to mid 70s. An interesting experiment by DNR and DPR(N) - can't remember if it did much for recruiting, though.


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Hull. There for the bridge opening. Managed an all nighter with some bird and her mum ( I kid you not.. both essence, and a hell of a night for even one of the more uglier men in NATO, such as I was) and the local plod even gave me a lift back to the steamer in the morning. Even stopped off for a hot cup of sweet reviving tea and a bacon barm. Community policing at its best.
Oh and Grytviken... not.


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Manila, Philippines . Something for everybody. Cheap drink,very entertaining exibish, loose women and dog breath in the morning from eating some kind of meat on skewers from a kerbside vendor. Oh, and a visit to the San Miguel brewery by way of a little culture.
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