Best RNR Moment?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. To try and inject some life into this forum i thought i'd ask people to post their best RNR moment.

    At CERES we put RNR moments on par with blonde moments, basically someone's fcuk'd up, done something stupid, incomprehensable etc etc. If its a bad weekend then we number them, "RNR moment No 324"!

    You can put down moments such as these or just the best thing thats happened to you during your time in the RNR.

    It could be ORT, training weekend, social, sexual experience anything that made it worth being in the RNR just for that moment.


    Passing out :bow:
    RNR 100 :giggle:
    Trafalgar 200 :boogie:
    First time at sea :shakefist:
    First jump with Jack/Jenny. :hump:

    In your own time.....................Go on!
  2. Clyde Division, 1974

    Remembrance Day Parade, George Square, Glasgow.

    Fallen in on the Square, waiting to march past.

    Im at the back of the JRs , being the shortest, with all the SRs behind me.

    RAF Regiment Guard are leading the parade, passing us on the right. I look over and see that everyone of them has a 3 bladed propellor on the sleeve of their greatcoats. (SAC?)

    So I say (out loud) "F*ck me, their all stokers".

    All fell about laughing at the double.

    Get back to the Division , get piped "Capn Pugwash, Gangway."

    Arrive, to be met by the Coxn who proceeds to give me a bollocking, "dignity of the solemn occasion, lots of brass, bringing RNR into disrepute" etc. and then takes me into the SRs mess and gives me a tot for brightening the day. Good skills.
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  3. June 1982, 2 years seved, Passing out as a Qualified RN diver, (RNR BUT only 1 standard for diving). ten feet tall on the long walk out of Vernon.
    Bye the Bye, yes I am an old Git, but still serving, wots your excuse?
  4. The best RNR moment aint happened yet. It will be when the part timers stop being weekend sailors and do the job full time
  5. Couldn't take the pay cut big fella :thumright:
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  6. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    HMS Carron and HMS Waveny in the Bristol Channel goofing (aka EDATS practise), CO of one suggests they both anchor up off Lundy in the lee to escape incoming inclement weather. Cue a pub-ex with both gemini's as water taxi's

    Best RNR moment, as we were recovering pub attendee's watching through binoculars from the bridge (as OOW) as the gemini's proceeded to be beached and almost capsized/sunk in the surf (one almost losing its outboard)......

    Another Team Sweeping ex, MCM10 embarked.... Stagging on in the middle up on VHF comes "I'm bored [deep yawn]".....then moments later "I'm really bored [deeper yawn]"..much mirth to the on watch bridge teams, but it goes on... then MCM10 comes up onto the bridge and hears a broadcast so grabs the mike and calls "This is Cdr X MCM10 identify yourself" to which the reply was "I'm not that bored", PMSL (behind the radar curtain)
  7. Only when they see fit to promote both me and the full-time pay packet

    Just remember, without the RNR, you'd be even more screwed than you already are.
  8. Indeed, at the moment the comparable pay is about 60% of my civvy salary. Plus I'd lose my pension, so that would drop it to around 50% of my current income.
  9. Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 12:02 pm Post subject: Re: Best RNR Moment?


    mancitymick wrote:
    The best RNR moment aint happened yet. It will be when the part timers stop being weekend sailors and do the job full time

    Only when they see fit to promote both me and the full-time pay packet

    Just remember, without the RNR, you'd be even more screwed than you already are.

    Fair one
  10. Offered a transfer from RNXS to RNR London Unit in NCS..... :razz: ...but had to decline on account of being broonhatted :(
  11. I was the gemini bowman of Waveney's boat on the aforementioned weekend. We didn't actually go ashore (much to the discontent of all the stokers on board) on account of the fact that we were shagged having spent most of the last 24hrs sweeping, so decided to decline the offer of a run ashore on Lundy. I was on anchor watch as the wind and see state started to increase when we received a call from Carron asking if we could assist their boat which ahd become swamped on the beach. We set off in quite severe weather and arrived on the beach only to find that they had dragged their boat up the beach and disappeared (probably back to the pub) after a bit of scouting around (and bailing out our boat) they eventually returned, and we took their guys back to the ship in two trips, before returning to tow their gemini and crew back to Carron. We got three quarters of the way back when we hear the wonderful sound of an outboard motor, Carrons boat had finally been sorted, so we left them to it. returning safely to the ship, where myself and the cox'n were treated to a tot for our efforts! good times. (If not a bit scary due to the weather conditions) :pukel: :thumright:
  12. My best RNR moment? Getting mobilised - and given that 1/4 of the large Optag I was on were RNR there are a lot going "full time".
  13. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I remember, I was thinking about you when I typed. I also recall thats when I first found out about bridge recordings! I was not popular with the CO for some of my comments - I thought there was a Court Martial in the offing, freaked me out for ages afterwards. I can't recall a huge amount of detail (must have been '89/90?) didn't the Carron lot get ashore and our lot mainly didn't?
  14. Leaving nuff said. :thumright:
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    My memory of this is slightly different (I was LRO(T) on Carron that weekend).

    We did formation anchorage at Lundy with intention of having co-ordinated pub-crawl; weather turned which put Waveney off the idea - Bristol p1ss-artists head ashore anyway; on attempting to return to Carron, Gemini engine becomes water-logged - shore party attempt to communicate by flashing light using DC lantern from Gemini, LRO(T) FW despairs at abysmal quality of Morse; shore party return to pub and call ships on VHF which results in very p1ssed off Gemini coxn from Waveney heading ashore to render assistance! Just think - a run ashore to Lundy without the pleasure of a pint!
  16. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Best RNR Moment?

    Several spring to mind:

    1. one of the fearsome MCM10s asking the time of a QM on a Severn division sweeper, on being told that it was "quarter past seven", the MCM10 retorted that the reply should have been more nautical; QM replies with "quarter past seven me hearty" :)

    2. Guard training with the TA (for HMS Forward Royal Guard for HRH Princess Anne); to enliven the tedium of repetitive drill, the TA Sergeant decides to conduct the drill movements on the march; in so doing, he discovers that one of Forward's RO(G)s has absolutely no co-ordination for formation walking; he promises to rectify this. The following week, the RO(G) in question is taken to one side by two corporals and the sergeant - 20+ matelots watch in anticipation - the RO(G) is formed up in file between the corporals - a broom handle is put into each of his hands - the corporals each take hold of the broom handle and the order "quick march" is given - what should have happened is that the corporals would teach the RO(G) how to coordinate arm swinging with marching paces, while what actually happened was two tick-tocking corporals followed by a sergeant juping up and down on his beret cursing the day he set eyes on fcuking matelots!

    3. RNR100 - nuff said?

    4. Royal Albert Hall, Festival of Remembrance

    5. HMS Exeter ops room, as RNR PO(C)(S) being asked by RN PWO whether I ever regretted leaving the regulars as a CY ad joining the RNR - when I explained I'd never been a regular and was 100% RNR his face was a picture!

    6. HMS Birmingham, 1992; run ashore in Cagliari with CY, RS and PO Gunner - next morning with severe hangover, undertook the customary muster of the wallet to find I'd spent the equivalent of 5 whole pounds; when the RS and CY were questioned, they'd only spent 5 quid too - the gunner however, was heard muttering about the expense of drinks ashore have spent "45 fcuking quid" - and they wonder why they're called cement heads! :)
  17. Guys, these are brilliant. I keep being asked WTF I'm chuckling at by my workmates!

    I only wish i had something to add to the discussion which would be on even par with some of these. The best i can muster is;

    1. A young RNR lassy, while holding a grapling hook in one hand and the rope in the other asked the buffer which end she should throw to hook the bouy! I love the lass in question to bits but unfortunately she does have a habit of making these little faux pas!

    2. Passing out at Raleigh in front of nine members of my family. This was capped off when the inspecting officer asked if i had any family who'd come down to see me. When i replied yes he asked if i'd managed to spot them. I said "you can't bloody miss em sir". He turned around to see them all stood on their feet waving and cheering at him. Quite embarrassing but still a very proud moment.

    3. RNR 100. Watching 1500 tick-tocking matelots shuffling down the road to Wellington Barracks. We looked Divs marching up, and even better on parade but on the way back to the barracks - oh no!

    4. On HMS GRAFTON for the Traf 200 international fleet review before sailing to Belgium, where i arranged to spend the day with a family my grandfather had known while he was over there during the war.

    Every weekend i go on is just a laugh a minute. I come home with my face hurting because i've been laughing so much. Most of it would be wasted on here because the majority are "you had to be there" moments.

    These moments are what keep you in when things might not be as good as they should be.

    Keep em coming!
  18. Thats right we didn't bother cos we were to knackered, and ended up going to 'rescue' them from the beach anyway! Not sure but I think that the CO was a LtCdr Myers , and The jimmy was Lt Cdr Dick Barton (or it may have been the other way around0. When we got back onboard and the jimmy found out that our boat had been swamped as well, he asked me why I hadn't reported it by radio. I just told him that there wasn't a lot of point as we had run out of boats by then and we'd have to sort it ourselves which we did. He then gave us another tot. Bargain! :thumright:
  19. I don't think its any coincidence that all the best dits are coming from the time when we had our own ships. :rage:

    Sadly, I missed out on those days. :threaten:
  20. We were on an RFA off the Dorset coast a few weeks ago carrying out a regional training weekend. We were in a group carrying out fire fighting drills when they piped " For Exercise Quickdraw" for the AWFP types. One of the females with us asked what that was all about and she was told that a member of each group had to draw a cartoon. She then got a piece of paper and a pen and started to draw a picture of the lad wearing the fire kit. I nearly wet myself.

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