Best radio station you ever heard - old or new

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Gotta be RADIO VICTORY back in the 80's in Pompey area
  2. Radio 4, Darling. Nothing else will do! :)
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    Well said that Lamri.

    There are only TWO DECENT Radio Stations in the World Radio 4 and BBC World Service. With out the licence fee they will surely die.

    Now if your are referring to the standard world type music station then it was Radio's Caroline and London in the days of pirate ships off the Essex coast.

  4. Radio 2 - with the Togmeister in the morning and Radio 5live in the evenings, except 606 - GET OVER IT, ITS ONLY FOOTBALL YOU MORONS.
  5. Yep, RADIO 4 We sometimes have to have one of, RADIO 1, OCEAN FM and any one of a number of other loadsabollocksFM on in the office and they're all the same, endless mindless chatter and the same six or seven "songs" being played all the time. I actually used to like Ian Durys "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" but now I'm sick to death of hearing it every hour ... rant rant rant :-( Is it tot time yet ...
  6. I do admit to listening to TalkSport too, especially Wrighty :)
  7. Yes i like to listen to talksport with James Whale at night. He is so rude and sensible - he should be Prime minister!
  8. Can't stand the blob that is gaunt though, self righteous twat!
  9. Radio Clyde....late 70's
  10. Original 106 is pretty decent round the pompey area doesnt stick to the usual chart drivel
    Kicks out some kickin' tunes ie copperhead road by Steve Earle
  11. Anything by the BBC.
    Nothing else worldwide comes anywhere near it.
  12. Caroline, listened to on a cheap radio late at night, an indelible part of adolescence.
  13. And Radio Luxembourg 208 - also on a cheap radio late at night, or was it a wireless then ... ?
  14. Always liked Atlantic 252 & the World Service when deployed, on a Saturday afternoon for their weekly 'link up' with Radio 5 for sport.
  15. It has to be Radio Luxembourg - the father of all modern radio stations.

    Nostalgia one

    Nostalgie two

    The BBC did everything they could to get Luxembourg shut down, they went to court to get the London studio closed and transmitted on close frequencies to drown them out or interfere with the reception, (virtually no regulation then).
    To counter, Luxembourg continually increased power to eventually reach a pep of 1.4 megawatts.
    Luxenbourg was the first in the world with digital as well. When the BBC managed to stop them broadcasting (temporarily), live concerts from Britain, Luxembourg recorded it using the system on the side of movie film (light) and so became the first with digital.
  16. Listened to him on Red Rose radio one night for an hour or more he talked to a guy "who`s world had caved in on him"and was going to top him self.

    His attitude then changed and called him a boring bastard and if he was going to do it get on with it and not to make a mess. :dwarf:

    Must have investigated it and found it tobe a wind up.

    Now its Radio 4 and Steve Wright in the afternoon and Chriss Evans Drive time on 2.
  17. Radio Luxenburg in the 70's.Cracking show the night Elvis died,non stop songs and tears as well.
  18. When younger [different tastes now] it was
    Radio Luxemborg. Sitting in the middle of the desert with an old Larkspur Army C set it was the only decent music station I could pick up for the lads.
  19. Only listen to Radio 2 , :thumright:
  20. Luxembourg with the American top 20 on a Sunday night on a wireless as big as a pussers holdall (the Old Man 'liberated' it from Germany). Much later, listening to Mike Osman on Capitol Gold - one of the funniest blokes around. Could imitate almost anyone, so if you'd just walked in, you thought they had half a dozen very unlikely DJs. Ex stoker I believe ?

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