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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by type42stoker, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. For me, best dramatic play has to be "Death and the Maiden"

    Best Musical "Blood Brothers"

    C'mon guys and lasses, let's here yours... :thumright:
  2. Musicals, Plays!! Come on, admit it you're GAY.
    Er, the last time I was in London though I saw Robert Lindsey in Cyrano (De Bergerac) and that was V good. Down here I have attended several of Roger Halls plays, mostly farce but usually have a good point or two in them about life in NZ.
    As for musicals CATS :pukel: did for me, although I will admit to liking 'Singing In The Rain'. :afro:
  3. Damn it NZ, how the hell do you keep recognising me???? :thumright:
  4. My dad took me to see The Mikado at Saddlers Wells when I was a kid (it was only a walk from home).
    Never been to the theatre since. Once you've seen Gilbert and Sullivan, theres no need to waste time watching anything else :)
  5. South Park: The Movie
  6. My GayDar is highly tuned, after working on the London Underground,(nearly as many Gays as British Airways), with a guy who was known as Napoleon ('Cause he got fucked at Waterloo (BR Station) and was caught in a compromising posi by the British Transport Police in the toilets there) tried it on and I lamped him.
    It pays to remain aware of the sexuality of ones colleagues and acquaintances, just so you don't put your foot in it and call someone a raving poof because they cry when they stub their toe (An example and very far fetched at that. Although the room does turn a bit smoky when i do it!!) and end up with a personal grievance complaint against you, or assault charges!! :thumright: .
    Back on thread, Blood Brothers was good :w00t: .
  7. Musical; I went to the Palace Manchester in the mid 1960s to see Passion Flower Hotel. I liked it so much I bought the album of the original London cast and I can still remember all the songs.

    Play; A toss up between Dancing at Lughnasa at the Salisbury Playhouse and Once a Catholic at Chichester.

    Opera, (you didn't ask but I'll tell you anyway); Wagner's Ring Cycle performed by a French company called the bellboys. Fourteen and a half hours of opera in 2 and a half hours and NOTHING missed out, amazing. They have performed in the UK and if you Know the Ring then go and see it, it is sheer brilliance not least because from the moment that you arrive and are escorted to your place, (I can't say seat-but if you go you will lnow what I mean), you will be part of it, one way or the other.
  8. You'll be glad to know that my Gaydar did not ping for you, hence you must be 100% straight! :thumright:
    I've seen Blood Brothers 4 times now, and the room still gets smokey at the end.
    As for Opera LujonSa, I have to admit that for me, it's got to be Aida, with the whole cast of course. I just love Verdi.

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