Best places visited while serving?

Only ever visited Newcastle, Leith, Liverpool, Bristol and Falmouth in the UK - missed out on Ipswich & Newport.
Best Runs:
UK - Falmouth, Leith (well I was predominately Scotland based)
Foreign - Gib (47 times in 24 yrs), Singapore (6 times), Stockholm, Copenhagen, Leningrad ('89 before re-named St Petersberg), Canada - all of it. Kiel, Key West - walked into Peek-a-Boo's and saw a lass I knew from Fife "dancing": result being didn't have to buy a drink. Worst Runs:
UK - Pompey
Foreign - Pompey, Puerto Barrios (Guatamala), Poti (Georgia), Dakar (Senegal), Brest, Alexandria (stench of unimaginary proportions until....), Bombay (makes Alex smell like a bed of roses).
Never served on boats, only 22s, 42s, a 23 & Bristol but lucky enough to do SNFL, SNFM, 2 trips on the Dartmouth Training Ship, 2 Gulf & Far East trips, 2 WIGS, and a global. Shore side at Rosyth, Prestwick and Faslane 3 times.
SNFL, SNFM? please enlighten me I left the Mob over 40 years ago. 22s,42s & 23's were just a wet dream then.
I spent a great year in Lochinvar as PTI's yeoman though, so we have Scotland in common. Do I qualify for my own tartan?
SNFL - Standing Naval Force Atlantic, SNFM - Standing Naval Force Mediterranean.
Don't know if these deployments are still around, but basically SNFL was 1 x US, 1 x Canadian, 1 x Dutch, 1 x West German & 1 x UK vessels (usually augmented by the Belgians, Danes, Norwegians and occasionally the Portuguese when in European waters) about 3 months in length and heavy on ASW tactics alternating in NW Europe & Eastern US/Canadian waters with port visits every 2-3 weeks in countries of the participating nations. I was on a 22: we did our trip but the two subsequent ships (Leanders) were paid off early so we ended up doing 9 months instead of the usual three (Europe - US/Can - Europe). SNFM was pretty much the same with the Spanish, Turks and Italians augmenting the "Big 5".
Thanks for that Dusty I, and I assume several others, are enlightened by that info. I really missed out on the US and Scandinavia while I was in the Mob. Never reached South Africa either. We were stopped from visiting the Seychelles because of the inherent danger to the mens sexual health and welfare! But, hey, I did get to Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Montrose which were all excellent runs ashore for a randy AB.
Capetown in the 60's must of been an awesome run ashore, especially for up-homers I imagine. Not sure if I could of coped with the apartheid situation then though.
The most memorable for me was Monte Carlo where non other than Princess Grace bought me and the team a crate of beer.
Loved the Med, the Fez, Mombers, Seychelles, S Africa, Japan. Too many to list really.
Worst, in no particular order, Northern Ireland, the middle east & the Malaysian jungle.
Happy days!!!
Good runs
Hamburg, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Lexus, Lisbon, Gib (lots 17 visit saw it sober)
New Orleans (Madi Gras), San Juan, Halifax Nova Scotia, Dundee, Rosthesay, Coco Beach, Andros, Rio (Ronny Biggs) Virgin Islands, Antigua

Shit Holes Mobil Alabama (Still played Rugby and got pissed), West Africa

My memory seems to have missed a few is that age or the state I was in?

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