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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sumo, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. What is the best place you have been, thing you have seen, or strange journey you have been on and if possible why?
    This is not a thread for spinning your run-ashore dits but obviously if a run-ashore is the best thing you have done or seen then let it out

    For me seen were 3 out of 4 children being born, all sorts of things going on in your head. It never even crossed my mind at the time as to how is my willy ever going to fit in there again, that came later, missed my daughter being born, (Journey) tried to make it home but stuck in Miami overnight then a one day rail strike in UK, trip was Ship, Helicopter, Plane, Hotel, Plane, Tube, Train, fast black, home, car and Hospital missed her by a day, home for a week, then fast black, hotel, Crab air, hotel, Plane, stuck in airport 50 miles from nowhere with no cash, think on feet see yank marine, bum lift to yank base, yank tilly back to ship, lots of things happened on that round trip but just for MG Yank destination New Orleans Mardi Gras
    Best place is a toss-up family holiday to Florida, South of France, Canada or a long weekend to Paris with the misses; I will have to think about that for a while. Mauritius was good but not a lot to see there, just sun, sea, rum, and daughter’s wedding.:love:

    Just to clarify things, life’s evolve, so just because it’s the best to day tomorrow you may look, see, do something completely new which then tops your list, crayons are not obligatory but after all this is DL
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  2. Best place I have been to is Hamburg, spent a couple of night on the Reeperbahn either side of a metal festival. Excellent cheap beer and great, friendly people, can't really go wrong. I remember being carried back to my hotel by 2 people who were barely more than 5ft.

    Seen is probably my first being born.

    Don't really have many eventful journey's.
  3. Best place: Here. It reminds me that you choose your friends and get your family. After years of living where the job took me, eight years ago I got to choose this place and it hasn't disappointed.

    Best seen: Total eclipse of the sun in August 1999. My wife, son and I in a catamaran screaming up and down the English Channel looking for a gap in the cloud cover and finding one just in time. It was amazing, like nothing on earth.

    Strangest journey: Airport hopping from Gander to Orlando in six stages and appalling weather to get to Port Canaveral. I met so many different and interesting people on that trip that I could have, on impulse, thrown it all in, jumped ship and taken up a totally new life in America; but I didn't. I bust a gut to arrive on time and still wonder what would have happened if I had.
  4. Hamburg that’s one of my many runs-ashore, the trouble with them is we get to some amazing places just to have it all fuzzed up by too much alcohol, except some of my last visits in the mob where I chose to stay sober Den Helder rented a push bike there and went for a long ride, stopped a beach café had some nosh washed down a red wine cycled back it was great others thought I was nuts, hell of a strange trim to get in there and some of my trips to Florida, casing the area for a future plan family holiday, and yes I had to test out the parks, had to make shore they were safe for the kids?
  5. Best Place ... Hard one as I think its the places out of all the places I have been to the best ones are those places I would go back to voluntarily! Top of the list is Maui (Hawaii) got married there on the beach.

    Best seen ... was there at birth of No 1 Son however as the then Mrs MG had me in a headlock throughout the procedure I didn't see a great deal! So for me its the things with the "Wow" factor ... like the cave paintings in Lascaux II in France ... A Humpback Whale breaching off Hawaii ... Dolphins riding the bow wave ...

    Strangest journey ... bit of a dit this one however, Ship was alongside in Shanghai and some Pongo "secret squirrel" (Intellegence Officer) came down from Beijing only he'd been at a pool party the day before ... picked up some tart from around the pool and twisted to drop her in twisting his back in the process. So ships MO decided to casevac him to Hong Kong ... so sent off requisite signals only CrabAir decided as it was mainland China they couldn't get a Herky Bird from Honkers in to pick him up and I was going to have to bring him out on a civil airline ... CAA ... e.g. Chinese National Airways ... flying into Kai Tak! First problem was that I would have to go through immigration ... only coming in on a ship I didn't have an entry stamp in my passport so got carted away in the back of a big black Zil (or Chinese equivelent) with an interpreter to some military base to get required stamp ... back to ship ... put matey in Neil Robertson stretcher as the Chogie ambulance was just an empty box van and off to Shanghai International ... got there and ambulance got decended on by Mr Woo and his team (like out of Herbie) 6 blokes grab the strecher and off we went at a fast double ... he got carted straight airside .. I had to go through immigration mitte passports ... only they wanted klebbies as exit fee ... no interpreter only I was in uniform (Nos 1;s tropicals) and the stumpy little git I was shorter than me but in awe of the whites so got away with paying nowt ... then off to the plane ... Mr Woo's lot are doing well until we got the the door ... door may be wide enough to get a tank through but the sharp right turn just inside meant the stretcher wouldn't go round ... Fcuk me! I can get one of these things through a kidney hatch ... fcuking aircraft door is no problem! So quick training session with Mr Woo's mob who dont speak english and I don't speak cantoneze or mandarin but they got the drift and we got into the First Class Compartment which had been stripped out apart from one seat for me ... even had the 1st Class Air Stew to ourselves ... a) Chinese Air Stews where short skirts ... and pop socks! b) the food on CNA flights is inedible! Oh ... did I mention the phot ... CAA had never carried out a Casevac befor so the Company Phot was flown in from god knows where to record it all for prosperity and for inclusion in the in-flight mag! Littel bugger came with us all the way to Hong Kong and must have taken 3000 shots ... every time I turned around her was squinting at me firing off pictures faster than you could order a beer! Eventually got to Honkers and was met by my Winger who was PO Doc at Tamar and that was it ... this was the days before they closed the cockpit doors on planes and from my seat I could see straight through the front windscreen and landing at Kai Tak is definitely not for the faint hearted.
  6. I see you live in possibly one of my best places south of France we spent a month in villa in the Villa Ventenac-en-Minervois languedoc, misses says it’s one of a very few places she has seen she would like to live.
    Eclipse was in Farnborough so only about 95%, but family at home in Guzz said it was really strange and the dog went nutts
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  7. I missed the 1999 eclipse, should have been back in time but 5 days before we were due in we got a Rampart Runner and stayed out. I did have a 6 week eclipse I suppose.
  8. Was in Middlesbrough during the 99 eclipse, all the cows in the field behind us went to sleep, was odd.

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  9. '99 eclipes I was working on a mobile blood collection team ... we all trooped outside at the alloted time and the sun was just visible throguh the mist / cloud cover so managed to watch it with the clouds working as a filter ... still got some phots I took at the time as the shadow passed over the sun. Spooky!
  10. That wasnt an eclipse, its always like that in Middlesbrough
  11. You do have a point, I've seen some weird shit happen there.

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