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Lantern Swinger
after leaving r.n in 1971, i landed a job in a bonded warehouse on the outskirts of dunbarton, i was good at my job , and within 3 months was promoted to chargehand of the rum plant i only lasted a couple of months.
my next job was in castle distilleries in dunbarton, no rum no whisky just port and sherry i only lasted 6 weeks, and i still can't face port or sherry .
after that things just went downhill, ie; milkman, tallyman, cranedriver, window cleaner,bus driver. etc etc.
I ended up running around in a pink suit getting into lots of trouble and being in the papers allot. I now hide at the bottom of the world driving trucks............ :oops: :p


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My first job on leaving the Andrew was as an Insurance salesman. Only sold one and that was to my mate. Next came a job (offered by an ex RN Lieutenant Gunnery Officer, not really nepotism is it?) was as Office Manager to Bowyers Food Factory in Plymouth. Because of illness I ended up trying to be Cost Accountant of the Factory. Come on I was only a CPOGI and accountancy was never big in my Gunnery Book. It lasted 12 moths and we parted company. I think the company survived for a while. Used to like the perks in food that we could get. The only parts of the pig that weren't used was the squeal and the twist in the tial. Didn't like the abbatory call though. I was too squeemish.


Lantern Swinger
I had a job helping the local rabbi doing the circumcisions...the wages weren't very good, but I got to keep all the tips!

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