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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rugger_bob, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Dear RR Mateys,

    Bit of fun, Please quote what you think is good about Great Britain , it could be your favourite sport or best meal, like fish n chips, even a place you have visited/live or have served.

    Mine are

    Real ale - PLENTY OF IT!! :grin:
    Scotch rib of beef - roasted with the bone on, YUMMY!

    "O" and England winning the world cup in 2003 !!

  2. Home made meat and potato pies with gravy and red cabbage

    Malts (the peatier the better)

    Being an island! Oh and the chilly climate :smile: :smile: :smile:
  3. Cottage pie, thick gravy, strong green cabbage. Fish and Chips. Roast rib of beef, Yorkie Duff,seasonal veg. My Grannies rice pudding.
    Real Ale.
    Village life.
    Proper markets
    Definately being an Island.
    Most of all, I am so proud to have served in the Royal Navy.
  4. British cuts of meat, thick gravy, strong green cabbage. Fish and Chips.Yorkie Duff, seasonal veg. His Grannies rice pudding. ;)
    Real Ale.
    Village life.
    Proper markets
    Definately being an Island.
    Erm, can't think of anything particularly Irish, Welsh or Scottish that I like, apart from the people of course :)

    I like the fact that although we moan and drip all over each other on this island about breaking up the union, we still stand together against any common foe, whoever that may be.
  5. Welsh cakes and bara brith is nice lamri
  6. Had some Welsh baps once, they were lovely!
  7. Oh i bet you did PMSL
  8. A pint of Bass in a real pub, a game of darts and a Hamlet
    Fish and Chips on a Friday night
    Not knowing if it's going to rain, blow or shine from one day to the next
    A proper butcher's shop
    The English Channel
    World Cup optimism, followed by 12 months of depression until the next European Championship

    I appreciate that some of these only concern England, but since Britain appears to be on it's way out . . . .
  9. Jellied eels
    Real Ale
    Welsh Rabbit
    Cornish pasties
    Yorkshire puddings
    St Georges Day
  10. good old english pubs - and so does everyone else - every where you go theres an english bar - or an irish bar!!
    Also yorkshire puds; scrumpy and spotted dick!!
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The forgotten County, the only thing that could improve it would be for all the Yorkies to go back up North away from the County, why are Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales so good to talk about but none of the natives want to live there
  12. Oi! I represent that remark!
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Marston's Pedigree,
    Fish & Chips with mushy peas and proper malt vinegar,
    Pickled Onions (done in malt vinegar)
    English Cheese (decent Cheddar & Double Gloucester)
  14. oohhh you've opened a can of worms there babe!!
  15. Janner, Please dont be so negative toward folk from differant regions of the country, that wasnt the idea of the thread ! :twisted:

    I have lived in my parts of the country, Scotland. Manchester, Liverpool and worked in Wales and Yorkshire and take people as I find them and respect them for that.
  16. Don't worry Janner, I've done my time down there and apart from the occasional visit I'm not coming back to stay.
  17. So THAT's why they're moving all the engineering training to St Athan, I knew there was some ulterior motive!!!!!
  18. I pondered long and hard about this topic Bob (lacking useful employment - like many of you in uniform) started several replies and abandoned them - this diversion from the topic made me realise what for me think best sums up what is great - its our ability to take the urine out of each other :cool:
  19. Agreed, cat woman

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