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Best Nicknames

Topstop said:
Clangbong_flunob said:
Circles, a L/S who was once asked how many degrees are there in a circle, replied "depends how big the circle is"!!!

This was when he was a baby UC . Latter when his father came down the boat he asked why his son was called "Circles" and was told, he clipped his son round the head and said "You stupid c%$t every body knows there`s 100".
I was on that very boat when Circles commited his words to submarine folklore. We were on one patrol oooop north like when the ACINT rider in the sound room saw Circles wrestling with a book on the Greek language. Midge says 'hello Circles what are you reading' and Circles replies, in his best Brummie accent 'it's about the greek language lar'........'ancient or modern' asks our poor unsuspecting ACINT rider. 'Ancient I 'spose, the book's fairly old lar'. I kid you not.
Another ACINT rider on another sneaky, this time he's reading the bible. Ginge sees this and tells him not to bother 'cos he dies in the end'. Complete sense of humour failure by ACINT who wanted Ginge trooped. I think the Captain said something like hahhahahahahahahah.....hahahahahah.....hahahahahah...Fcuck off ACINT you sad git! :threaten:
Commander on Ark Royal in 1976. Banned beer at the Band concerts, and banned singing in the Hanger.

Renamed BEANO.

Be no singing.... Be on drinking

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