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Best Nicknames

Used to have a senior we called Moo-Hoo short for moral hoover.
He thought it was great having a nick name then again he was ignorant to the real reason for the name. Would never let us have a giggle or relax.
Got called eyes right Reilly because apparently I was shouting out drill orders in my sleep..

Also yoyo because during divisions after a night on the lemonade I had to go down on one knee once or twice oops!
Went through Basic at Raleigh with a Irish guy we nicknamed "Semtex", everything he touched fell to pieces in spectacular fashion, including the window above me at 1.30am!!!

Can't remember the guy, but he PVR'd. ('89)

Any other Pellow 38's might remember him.
We had an OM Mound on the Cov who was known as "Hairy", the skipper banned it and so he was known as "Shaven".

Also had an SA Plant on there too, he was known as "Shit"!!
:toilet: (shagged on gravel)
A Jennie Wren at Mercury was known as 'Garages' - Shagged in garages !! :tp:
one I've heard is G-Sop - Ginger, stinks of pi55
I also served with a young lady called Tess, her last name was Tickle... took me a while to work that one out ;)
Worked with a woman who we called FIGJAM. she was convinced it was because of her mums jam making skills but we knew it as...

MEM Gardner-Landscape
MEM Westwood-'squint' named himself not due to an eye defect, he liked Clint Eastwood films!! Also used to sit in kidney hatches pretending to a tank driver
Mary Millington from a dodgy 80's pornstar
Guy at work nil-nil because his initials are 0-0 (Omolayo Omotayo)
'Spermy' Whale
MFI- Mr F*cking Interesting
My favourite is a member of the RBL Riders Branch ex-mob- Vietnam
Real name is Simon but at the first bike show he went to, he was like a kid in a sweet shop running all over the place to look at stuff, after the umpteenth time of of someone saying 'where's Si gone' someone said Vietnam and it stuck
First post, here goes.

Various Woodcocks known as Timber Dick, but my favourite of all time was the nickname given to the Somerset cricketer Paul Romaines, human.
We had a chief on the Onondaga, we nicknamed the TAS (short of course for the Tasmanian Devil, he looked like one honest), but the funny part was the clock above the desk in the engine room would have the TAS and then an arrow aft or fwd, and this way we knew where the chief was at all times (used to hide out in the glandspace, his little

One day he's motoring through the engine room and he stops at the desk and asks the PO on watch what did that TAS stand for, well (jimmy) being real fast on his feet's a Time Analysis System chief, the arrow fwd tells us the donks are running fast and aft is slow, all this with a straight face... :thumright:

I believe he knew what it was, just wanted someone to say it to him, but with his character just like a Tasmanian Devil who's going to ask. :whew:

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