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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Spetsnaz, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. In terms of size, skill, deployments and fighting history who has the best navy in the world (apart from us)?
  2. Unless you have served in other navies anything would be speculation.
  3. I don't think there's too much speculation about saying the Yanks have the best Navy.

    Whether or not smaller navies might use what they have more effectively there isn't much that can touch a US Carrier battle group, each one of which is significantly more powerful than our entire fleet.
  4. oh yeah, forgot to mention, they have something like 14 CBGs (even if you assume a 1/3rd are down for maintenance that's still a massive amount of power projection)
  5. Watch the TV programme "Carrier" about a US carrier battle group. It gives you a good insight into the professional standards of its ships' companies. See if you still think they're invincible.

    "All the gear and no clue".
  6. I didn't say they weren't invincible. I said ONE CBG would piss all over us, and virtually every navy on earth - just through the air power alone. Something tells me that their pilots and submariners are a whole lot more professional that the average enlisted person - and they're the ones who'll do all the damage.
  7. He didn't say you said they weren't invincible, he said you said they were.
  8. Without enlisted men maintaining, arming and or handling/directing them they'd surely be lots of bits of expensive metal with an ossifer or two sitting in them.
  9. Clearly the US Navy is operating all round the world so they can't have too many issues with their enlisted men as Dunkers has tried to suggest. Even in our Navy the WUs and Submariners have higher standards and conduct themselves more professionally than the GS - fact.

    Anyone who doubts the US has maritime supremacy is extremely deluded.
  10. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    PMSL! Just got back on my stool having fallen off it laughing. From an engineering POV SM standards are very low. They are too reliant on outsiders coming in and clearing up their s*** for them. That statement is based on years of experience working on skimmers and boats, not speculation, therefore you could say fact! On what do you base your statement redass? SM's are more content to be operators than maintainers.
  11. Chaps,

    As an AWACS crustacean, my role has allowed me the opportunity to operate with a wide cross section of navies (and other armed forces) on ops (Western Med during GW1, Adriatic during Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo, the Gulf and Arabian Sea during Iraq and Afghanistan, Caribbean on counter drugs) and exercise (Atlantic, Caribbean, FOST and N Sea). I’ve also been lucky enough to be detached to various ships as an LO for some exercises (including a USN CVN).

    I think that redassnotdragass fails to make the distinction between the most powerful navy and the best. Whilst he may not see that distinction, I suspect that that is the exam question being asked here by Spetsnaz.

    I don’t think that many would question that the USN is the most powerful. However, from my experience, their AAW and aircrew are far from the best and have on some occasions created utter chaos on ops. Their biggest failing is their ‘blue water’ mindset that assumes everyone else must fit in with their procedures and ops. Issuing a new OpTask Link which caused data link chaos in the Adriatic when there was a standing and well established network being employed. Insisting on using their own (as opposed to ATO assigned) IFF and callsigns. Launching carrier strikes on local rather than Z time during Kosovo. Multiple airspace busts. Those are a few examples of the ‘interest factor’ the USN can introduce!! A new USN CBG in the Adriatic or Gulf was a bloody nightmare!!! :eek:mfg:

    For me, the most effective and professional have to be the Dutch Navy. They may be small, but their operators and procedures have always impressed me considerably.

    In terms of balancing capabilities with professionalism however I would still say that the RN is hard to beat. :salut:

  12. Utter bollox anyone who has worked in the field and asked for air cover, cringers when they hear a yank pilot on the net. They either miss the target, hit us or waste civvies.... Get a grip man ow just checked your profile your WE enough said.
  13. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Anything to add to that RN_C?
  14. I was wondering when someone was going to say that Magic_Mushroom,
    "I think that redassnotdragass fails to make the distinction between the most powerful navy and the best"

    This could be a never ending thread Why? Well the majority of RR are quite rightly RN, some with no working knowledge of of other Navies, I could say that the RAN are the best small Navy in the world , biggar than the Kiwis anyway. But I think we all agree that the USA war machine are biggar, and they are certainly NOT the best, how many Brit units have come under "Friendly Fire" ? Magic_Mushroom has close first hand knowledge of how they operate, I would rather fight alongside the Brits, Dutch, Germans and yes even the Kiwis than with the US.
  15. BZ fully agree
  16. I worked with the Canadian Navy once at Portland, they were good.

    Whipped our arse at the FOST Work up,

  17. I think I do get the distinction Magic_Mushroom hence why my first post said

    "Whether or not smaller navies might use what they have more effectively there isn't much that can touch a US Carrier battle group"

    The original question was

    "In terms of size, skill, deployments "

    As the USN is the biggest, has demonstrated its capability and is deployed all over the world I think the answer is obvious.

    Obviously the fighting history of the RN is second to none and I believe comparing us to the rest of the navies who make up SNMG2 we are up there with the Dutch and Germans. However implying that we are brilliant all the time fails to weigh up the facts - HMS Southampton and HMS Nottingham anyone? Maybe I don't read widely enough (and I'm sure someone here will correct me :) )but I can't think of another navy recently that has ripped the bottom off one of it destroyers on an extremely well charted obstacle)

    Moaning about CBGs messing up link nets and comms etc is a nightmare and could be avoided however making everyone else change leaves no doubt as to who is in charge. When you bring the most capability you get the say on how it's used. It's not good diplomacy, and I'm not saying it's right but ultimately money talks.

    As someone who teaches GS and Submariners, I can spot the difference between the classes without being told which is which, even before they started wearing their Dolphins all the time (don't get me started on that!)
  18. There is no doubt the yanks have the largest fleet.

    Having cross op'ed with them I have found them dangerous at best. So much so, on one deck landing exchange we aborted the mission due to their poor deck handling procedures.

    They have lost missiles when doing touch and go's on their carriers. One episode made the Daily Telegraph, something along the lines of; 'anyone seeing a sidewinder missile in the pacific area please notify the nearest US embassy'. Humorous - maybe but the reality is frightening.

    Each navy has it's own specific role so to identify the best would be difficult. And as the girlies tell us - size isn't everything!!!!!!
  19. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well yes, how they behave in a classroom makes a world of difference to their proffessionalism onboard! FFS, I've spent most of my time on virtually every RN course I've done struggling to stay awake! Has it made any difference to how I've run a POS onboard or a team ashore? Not one iota. Let's talk about something more meaningful than a classroom in Collingrad!
  20. Equally, it could be suggested that there are not many Navy’s who’ve had so many RoE errors and blue on blues over recent years. Vincennes in 1988? Severely damaging a Turkish Naval vessel with an SSM during an exercise in the early 90s? CAS blue on blues in Iraq and Afghanistan? Obviously the laws of averages on ops means that such incidents are more likely to be from the US. Swings and roundabouts.

    But that’s the entire point redassnotdragass. No one else did change, and the USN did not get to dictate how the link was used or the AAW ops were conducted. They were removed numerous times from the Link 11 net (my E-3D was NCS for those data link jedis out there. It was most satisfying removing their PU from the window and hearing the CVN and Tikes start chimping!!) and called in to speak with the Joint commander in Vicenzia. Subsequently chastised, and having proved a significant hinderance to ops for several days, the USN assets then correctly adopted the Theatre procedures.

    No other maritime force that came into the Adriatic conducted themselves in such a manner.


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