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Best Naval Computer Games

janner said:
It will work on XP if you load the patch

Downloaded the Jane’s patch and game now up and running, only problem now is I have no time to myself what with this website and the game

Sorry it to take so long to say thanks
Although I am not familiar with the games named it seems they all involve modern naval warfare. Question! does anyone know of a PC game that is built around sailing ships?. Trafalgar the obvious one with the Amarda and even ficticious sailing ship battles would be interesting. Just a thought as the blood and guts of those days seemed more realistic than the unseen long distance warfare of today.

slightly unrealistic is Naval Ops Warship Gunner on the PS2 the good thing is you start with a ww11 destoyer and can rebuild it with money earned or buy a new whole the ulimate being two Iowa class BB hulls welded together armed with 407mm gattling guns like i said unrealistic but fun for all those who think thay can build and arm a ship better than the mod
I still have a copy of "Dogfight" on Cd. It was made in the mid ealy/mid ninties, with graphics to match! Despite this it is very playable and you can play air missions over the Falklands or Vietnam. Good, if dated, fun! One big advantage is that it is easy to learn, unlike most modern versions. While Phantom carrier landings are managable, just, don't even bother trying to land a Sea Harrier onto a CVS, 11 years and still can't do it...just as well I was never a WAFU!!
Janes USNF (and others on the same engine, IDF etc), old game but featured bucks, tooms et al, mostly Vietnam era missions but some later fictional missions in theRussian caucasus and Urals.
Ace air combat 4 and 5 on PS2, while not strictly naval its great fun, and you get right down to killing johnny foreigner instead of learning to fly.

Battlefield 1942, road to rome, Secret weapons and Vietnam. You can get em all for $20, the best mutliplayer FPS since Quake, and you can drive PBRs, Battleships, Aircraft carriers and their lawn darts, helos (an absolute tw@t to drive), amphib AFVs, then theres the free mods like Desert Combat (first gulf war mod). Get Drunk, get a bunch of mates on a LAN party (or online server) and pull the pin, its a hoot sneaking up on your oppo and dropping a claymore behind him (engineer kit in BF Vietnam), only to ask, "hey, what goes click click click boom?", "Will Smith?", "Nope..... :twisted: "

Likewise BF2 and BF2:special forces. Scenarios feature the "middle east" as one of the sides, its like a picnic in Fallujah. The Spec kits add night vision, so the enemy uses flashbangs to blind you. The Sniper kit gets a zipline for avoiding arty strikes the computer rains down on you. Enough to make a bootie pop a semi.
Closet Jane's Fleet Command fan here, anybody play online? Can't say I ever have mind, I'm still trying to understand why the US thought a two-runway carrier was necessary whilst shooting at pirates.

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