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Best Naval Computer Games

Sorry , but Microprose's ' Silent Service II" does it for me.

'USS Cavalla vs the War Fleet' - very nearly did for my degree, trying, night after night to set up the perfect 'firing solution and run away bravely' scenario

I had a copy of HARPOON around somewhere, all that cold war, North Atlantic, ASW, convoys malarkey, I'll have to dig it out and give it go !
Chalky said:
Jane's Fleet Command was always a favourite for me.

Doesn't work on my new system though :-(

If you are now using XP there is a download on the net that lets you run the game, if I can find it I will post it. Agree that is one of the best around
janner said:
If you are now using XP there is a download on the net that lets you run the game, if I can find it I will post it. Agree that is one of the best around

That'd be mint. The number of lost hours and frustrated punches that have gone into that game is incalculable.
Somebody gave me Harpoon2 some years back - about a dozen floppy disks I think! - and a thick manual. Seemed particularly biased against any military hardware that wasn't US made - when involved in a NATO Task Force they were just fodder as far as the designers were concerned. Good 'game' principles though.

Similar with Fleet Command, but I'd also been a bit annoyed that aircraft weapon loads couldn't be changed around as the scenario moved on. I loaded a 'patch' that I thought was meant to correct that and ended up with only AAW weapons being loaded for second and subsequent missions, though it did allow ships to select their own air targets. Same old fixation about non-US kit being basically inept.

Tried "Tom Clancy's Submarine ..... something" once - dreary.

Wanted to try Silent Hunter 2 but it needed 3D graphics I think - which don't have. I'll probably give Silent Hunter 3 a go on my next puter.
Tried a couple, Destroyer Command, Silent Hunter11 and Sub Command, took some getting into at first, but then it was plain sailing LOL
Try the website.This will send you to the sites you are looking for.Nobody has mentioned Dangerous Waters but it hasn't officially appeared this side of the pond yet.P-3,Seahawk,Perry,and a variety of submarines including Kilos are all drive able
janner said:
This should take you to the patch, it worked for me, there are various patches on the site including variable weapon loads for the aircraft. A great shame that the follow on game has been shelved
The original silent hunter is the best for me tho I haven't yet had a go at SH3
To give the Brown jobs a chance try Imperial Glory, be warned it can take over your life

Cheers, Janner....... though I'm still on Win98 (yeah) and it's Win2000/XP, so I'll have to wait until I upgrade in a few months - I think I got the updates from 1999 that your link mentions.
Theres "Action Stations" just Guns and torps. Based on ships from 1921 to 1945. Non of those areoplanes to mess it all up. Bit of a hand full as its quite old, but its free. here

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