Best military Books

What's the best war book you've read ? A lot have been made into films, which haven't done them justice or totally bolloxed them up, so this is a pure literature question. To start you off in no particular order of merit:
The Cruel Sea - Montserrat.
HMS Ulysses - Alistair McLean.
From Here To Eternity and The Thin Red Line - James Jones.
Any others worth a look ?
If I'm relaxing, anything by : Clausewitz, Jomini, Machiavelli, Mahan, Corbett or Moltke.

For in-depth hard thinking, probably Sven Hassel (the walt :threaten: )

On a slightly more serious note, I've always liked 'The Forgotten Soldier'

Only just finished tonight 'One Hundred Days' (Sandy Woodward), presume most on here have already read it, but thoroughly recommend it to those that haven't.
Just finished '11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour' by Joseph E. Persico (2004) Random House, regarding last day actions (some even last hour "Over the Tops") of WWI, although American the author doesn't harp on (too much) about how they saved our bacon. Good background history of WWI as well.
Before that I read 'Boy Soldiers of the Great War' by Richard Van Emden (2005)
Headline Book Publishing, quite harrowing account of lads as young as 12-13 years old signing up for a bash at the 'Hun'.
I recommend them both.
The devils guard about German SS soldiers who joined the foreign legion and fought in Indo china. Excellent book and an insight into how these men operated.

Devil's Guard by George Robert Elford ( German SS veterans on the run after WW2 join the French Foreign Legion )

Red Storm Rising ( Tom Clancy )


Lantern Swinger
Rules of engagement, by Col Tim Collins. Brilliant read. Spoke to a couple of Irish Rangers last year on the Mighty "O" as they were hitching a lift to Dublin on it. They say he's a brilliant bloke. Still works in the background to help his old regiment, even after the MOD royally shafted him.
The Decisive Battles Of The Western World - JFC Fuller

Fiasco [The American Military Adventure In Iraq] - Thomas Ricks

The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China - Ralph D. Sawyer

Giap - Peter MacDonald

Bomber - Len Deighton

Flyboys - James Bradley

Trafalgar - John Tremaine

Afghanistan [A Military History From Alexander The Great to The Fall Of The Taliban] - Stephen Tanner

House Of War - James Carroll ...Highly recommended***

KLNA-Cessna-Jockey said:
Bravo 20 - couldn't put it down.
MMM Andy McFlab, loved by the Regt and welcomed to Hereford with open arms (not) Cessna you a "Black Rat" mate?? Might be stating the obvious but then again maybe not
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