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Having just read some of the threads about the Hood and it's survivors, I was struck by what a beautifull ship she was. There was a certain line and style that the old battleships had.

What do you think is the best looking ship ever made?


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HMS Tiger (the battlecruiser NOT the helo cruiser) was a very good looking ship, as was Vanguard. The US Iowa's had an attractive sheerline and tophamper as well. The DLGs were handsome ships as well.

Mind, you could go on forever, although anyone suggesting that Fearful & Insipid were good looking ships will need counselling......


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I'd go along with the County Class DLGs being pretty - a bit too pretty, though, if that's possible - alright, the Seaslug was the RN's first Missile (I stand to be corrected), but apart from two twin 4.5" guns and a big helo, they were huge ships, with large ships companies, with very little real punch.

I always thought the Darings were the most warlike looking ships we had, and had some rakish lines - though that strange curly funnel inside the lattice mast was a bit odd.

The stretched 42s were also a bit too pretty and, again, under-armed. Type 21 the same - they were built by Vospers without much thought of what weapons they'd carry.

In purely aesthtic terms, though, take a look at V Class SSBN - awesome power, dramatic lines.


I think for general steeliness and appearance while manoevering, the Type 23's are very pretty - I like the shape of the bow a lot more than I do 42's. Not old enough to have seen most of the golden oldies mind. Of course, you can't beat a good Fort class :wink:


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After sailing round the fleet assembled for last year's Trafalgar Review, and being bollocked by one of the little hitlers in ribs for daring to get within half a mile of the ships, the French carrier just looked right. The only problem was that she wasn't too well painted when you got up (illegally) close.


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Dunno about best looking, but for ugliest it's got to be some of them modern civvie cruise ships. They just look like a block of flats laid on one side.


'tis indeed all they are. But then again, take a look at car carriers and tell me they look better than cruise ships.

On the sexy ship front, the Dutch Tromp class frigates are quite sleek and sexy too.


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Forgive me for being blunt, but after 24 years in, the most attractive ship was citizenship for me. Mind after 11 years serving in her I'm not so sure !

Civvie life isn't all its cracked up to be. No nursemaid DO's out here - You're on your own ploughing through the waves of red tape and jobs worths along with the rest of us


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T42 B3s and T22 B3s for me look great - they finally got the design right on the 3rd attempt!

When the T23s first came out I didn't like them, but they've grown on me now.

Of the older ships the WWII era Battle Class destroyers always looked good I think.


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Shakey said:
Dunno about best looking, but for ugliest it's got to be some of them modern civvie cruise ships. They just look like a block of flats laid on one side.

Reckon you're right on with the above assessment. Just look at the luxury liners and then take a gander at the latest cattle ships. Very similar to me although they should swap the passengers.
I reckon the cruiser was the most beautiful vessel of the RN with efficiency to match. What a sight to see one of them in a sparkling blue sea with sunshine and blue sky, tropical awnings, a picture beyond compare and they had teeth.



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Streaky said:
I always thought the Italians had some beautiful lines.
Their ships weren't bad looking, either.

That's because they were designed by Gucci and Prada and fitted out with enough mirrors, ironing boards and wardrobes to make a chinese laundry cry.

The armour belt was 15 inches of pure ermine and the funnels were a type of nepalese leather made from the hides of the most endangered cow on earth.

And they smelled incredible.

Or so I heard anyway.

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