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Hi Guys, its secret santa time again and i want to compile the top ten excuses for getting time off, not sailing with the ship and basically being a SAFFA. the funniest i found today was:"I couldn't get back from weekend leave as the dog ate my car keys and I have to hitch hike to the vets".
I am sure you have heard, or used, better than that so lets hear them.
^_^; :frustrated: :santa: :pukel: :tp:
Call them on the phone and tell them.....

"The voices in my head are telling me to clean the guns"...

Normal reply should be...

"Fine take as much time as you need".." call me before you come back"

CLICK.... Jobs a good'en

Excuses? Ah - if only we all had a twin we could blame.

Rest assured that I am watching this space with great expectation as I could use a couple of good "get out of jail free" type excuses myself.

Not RN related but we had a youngster working with us a few years back who wasnt attending his college days.
When challenged his excuse was .... "If you really want to know I had to go to the STD Clinic"
When I was on a my first Ship, one of the baby Stokers had a note from his Mum to give to the Chief Stoker, it said (along the lines of):

'My son needs a make 'n mend this afternoon as he needs to go Christmas shopping'.
dit..... while serving on hms Quorn I was charged for been 10 mins adrift when the ship was under sailing orders. Decided the best option was to change all the ships clocks to different times. On investigation I pleaded not guilty stating that the ships clocks are incorrect. I got off with it. However the Navs yeo got jobed to do time checks every day. Joy !!!
On the reverse side of the coin:
The mail came aboard VALIANT, and I had a letter from the MQ Officer, telling me to be available to do my in-muster in my new MQ at 1400 that afternoon. I was bitterly disappointed when my boss turned down my request for a make'n mend to attend such function. We were in Roosevelt Roads at the time.............
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