Best ever music video

IMO in contention for the best Rock video ever
Edited for a better quality version

Slipknot; Duality ... One of the few videos which really evokes the spirit of the song - and what a song. You can feel the sweat, taste the tension... and there's a bloke smashing the cr*p out of a beer keg with a baseball bat..:)
Best thing Ive seen since Tarantino or J Statham
And now on a lighter note............

Good, this, version not available You tube
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'Blurred Lines' (explicit version) by robin thicke is an artistic video...
I accidentally turned on the radio in the office the other day and Radio 1 with Nick Grimshaw was interviewing Robin Thicke. What a complete biff! He genuinely seemed dead between the ears; he had no idea that a lamb was a baby sheep. Thick(e) by name, thick by nature... :oops:

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