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Best Ever 126a????


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Just been musing about Naval pay and how some old hands were paying to be in the Andrew. Got me thinking, there must be people here who have paid the Navy in that they've lost or damaged stores and got a Form 126a.

Now being an ex Schoolie I can claim nothing more impressive than a Pusser's Sleeping Bag.

So come on, if you signed for a Sea Harrier and then lost it on a drunken run ashore, let's hear about it. Mustering the submarines and one was adrift, come on in!

Top prize of my enduring admiration for the best entry...


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I got a C126 for a garage after living in a married quarter for two years. The fact it never had one was seemingly not an issue for the bonehead Chief Scribes. ;)


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A pressure tight nav light, submarines for the use of, approx £3k worth, no idea where it went but fortunately the boat had an"incident" where the fwd anchor light got destroyed (same fitting), that one wasn't on my PLR but got to it before the scratcher did, returned it and got my 126 written off.

The scratcher however.....:)


Moving out of MQ's in Gib I got a couple of 126's. One for a "soiled" mattress. The fact that it was still in a sealed poly cover was disregarded! The other was for "damaged" furniture. Rain used to come in the window, the electric fire was directly beneath said window. Now as all good RR's know, green wiggly stuff does not like agua!


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A pressure tight nav light, submarines for the use of, approx £3k worth, no idea where it went but fortunately the boat had an"incident" where the fwd anchor light got destroyed (same fitting), that one wasn't on my PLR but got to it before the scratcher did, returned it and got my 126 written off.

The scratcher however.....:)

Team Player eh? ...:D


War Hero
A pressure tight nav light, submarines for the use of, approx £3k worth, no idea where it went but fortunately the boat had an"incident" where the fwd anchor light got destroyed (same fitting), that one wasn't on my PLR but got to it before the scratcher did, returned it and got my 126 written off.

The scratcher however.....:)
Reminds me of my Chief Elec, HFR. The H and the R stood for Harry and Roddis. The F stood for the expletive he used when tagging out 'leccy stuff, with the reason: NFW. The N and the W stood for Not and Working.

I was always told I couldn't be an MEM(L) as I am colourblind. After being job-changed to Heavy L, I proved the logic behind the phenomenon several times. Nevertheless HFR despatched me to undertake readings on the sacrificial anodes, measuring the resistance between the zinc thingies and a portable reference anode which was (I thought) a lump of plastic on the end of a wire.

The idea was you scooted around the upper scupper when alongside (in this case Malabar, Bermuda). You dropped the reference anode into the oggin at the reference points, connected the wire to an avo and measured the potential difference. (See? Even as a clanky stoker, I understood).

After a few dips the wire got wet & sure enough slipped through my fingers. Never mind. "Harry" I asked "Can I have another one of those sacrificial jobbies?".

HFR went ballistic. "WHAT?" he wailed. "That's on my PLR and the core is solid sterling silver you #+/=#& );[email protected] asshole".

Fortunately I remembered the precise location it dropped into the oggin and my mate, a ships diver, was carrying out a routine ship bottom search. "Do us a favour, mate" I pleaded, "When you get to 22.5 station, starboard, swim to the bottom, have a scrabble around for a wire, etc., " I explained, adding "There's a beer in it for you".

Sure enough, Bob the whining Brummie went swimming half an hour early and retrieved it. He entered the mess, still wearing his flippers, dripping wet, proudly holding aloft a bunch of knotted wire with a lump of silver on the end. "Found it!" He shouted jubilantly.

"Nice one Bob" I replied, handing him a can of Piper ale.

"Where's my kit gone off my bed?" Asked Bob.

"Scran Bag, mate" I replied. "You owe the killick of the mess 50p if you want it back. Oh, that'll be me"


War Hero
Mess press giving us grief about night clothing in the for'd PO's
mess, and any loose gear in the Mess Square would be put in the Bendix (Porthole)
when asked why he was not wearing night clothing, in a fit of pique he had ditched it in the Bendix.
Basic training circa early 60's, exped on Dartmoor as was the thing in those days, as was Pier Cellars. Anyway under canvas as we did the Ten Tors weekend. At some point during the yomp I lost the tent fly sheet from my back pack. Memory serves, when we got back, I was up in front of some gold ringed God who listened to my tale of woe very sympathetically..then hit me with paying for it. Think it cost me around three quid. A lot of money to a 16 year old very junior stoker under training...Taught me not to loose things. :)


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Young lad up B4 the skipper for Loosing some kit, he asked the C.O. if a soldier lost his gun, would he have to pay for it ,The captain said Yes, what about if he lost his Jeep/Landrover,the captain said yes to that as well, Oh said young O.D. I understand now why Captain's go down with the Ship.
I had a 126 follow me around the Fleet for nearly 4 years once.

But that's not as impressive as having to prove to a Civi Servant that the T23 I was OOD in actually existed. Imagine being 126'd for misplacing an entire warship!!


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Had some bits go walk about in refit, CPOSA wanted to give me a S126, as couple of grand was above his sign off, I managed to find the receiving civil servant who could sign off a couple of grand, standard dockyard currency soon sorted, CPOSA wanted to know how the hell I got out of that, I couldn't lie, as we submariners don't do that, so I told him sod all


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24 Seacat missiles written off when the mag flooded.
Didn't get a S126 but it was an interesting chat with the WEO!

I mean 24 Seacat missiles!! - That's nearly £2.50 ffs!!


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almost had a civy one from Avis, they wanted to know where there car was, not a clue says I, you are responsible until it's safe return, I did return it last seen outside office with keys behind visor, I have an Avis car return ref number, will that help, sorry sir our mistake. I once went to get in Avis car out side my house, flat tyre no spare, they tried to charge me for replacement tyre and the missing spare?
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