Best drinking holes in Guzz

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by finals_gear_down, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Im off to GUZZ next week (Monday 3rd Dec) for a 3 day visit with my current employer. I spent 24 year in the RN and was drafted to Guzz (Ships and shore) a few times. I left the RN nearly 5 years ago and have been back a couple of times, staying in the Barbican area, but not really venturing out far. Looking to be a bit more adventurious next week and get myself down the stip. Can anyone recommend the best "Jack" bars in town. I used to luv a good run ashore in Guzz and hoping to bring back a few memories. Its probably been over 10 year since I last visited the strip and I know alot of things have changed, but if anyone can recommend the best runs for a mid-week visit would be most appreciated. Cheers. George (ex POAC).
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The area around Derry's Cross is full of your usual chain pubs/Aussie theme pubs, but I would venture to the top of Union Strasse and stay in the area around the Barbican; much more classy. The bottom end of the strip is more like a ghost town these days, and only the brave or foolish venture down those parts... 8O
  3. Not sure there's anywhere classy, but the Dolphin used to be a good pub. The best bit about runs ashore in Guzz was not remembering them afterwards! Union Street in the '70s - bliss!
  4. Not particularly classy, but the Dolphin does serve a cracking pint of Bass :thumright:
  5. Was in the Dolphin last weds. Charming barmaids!
  6. Was the Irish brunette serving - she is f*cking essence :money:
  7. Lovely Irish coleen, ably asisted by almost as nice senorita. All that plus a real fire!
  8. Dolphin sounds good, about 100 yards from my hotel. Near another favourite of mine the "Navy Inn"
  9. Depends what you want from a pub. Like someone already said loads of chain pubs, clubs i.e wetherspoons, walkabout etc in Derry Cross area.

    Barbican has nice pubs and grub.

    Jesters nightclub is still there as always if you need to practice the Matelot Two Step.
  10. Anybody have recent experience of the Walrus?
  11. If its one thing Ive missed since leaving the RN is a good run ashore with the lads and a bit of banter. So anywhere there is plenty of matelots, may even bump into a few old oppo`s........oh and a bit if eye candy !!!!!
  12. Related topic; honest. If you were parking overnight in Guz central (Derry's Cross ish), which car park would you say to be safest for overnight parking?
  13. How long over night? Some car parks close at certain times. Some just close off certain levels.
  14. tommo, thanks. Say teatime to just past brecky time.
  15. One in Exeter!
  16. Completely over night hmmmm I don't think there are any completely over night. The only one that might be could be the likes of guildhall or Threatre Royal.

    As for the safest I can't guarantee any to be honest. It's Plymouth.
  17. tommo, thanks again. It's amazing how many hotels there are in the centre of Plymouth with either no car park or ones with insufficient slots for the rooms they have.
  18. Yeah it's pretty pants for that. There are loads of outside car parks but dont' know off the top of my head if they cater for all night or not.

    I used to park down a street (residential area) from the train station for over night don't have to pay over night just during the day.

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