Best days No9 punishment you ever had

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Saturdays alongside under No9s was a bastard turned too all afternoon, running out of jobs to give the 3 of us under pun the duty PO has a pint at lunchtime with the CanMan in his mess, I got a job for them scrotes says the damager the fwd beer store needs sorting after recent roughers.
    1315 piped to the Fcsle locker on the Cherry B and told by the Duty PO to go down the beer locker and sort the fcuker out and that he would be back at 1600 to check we'd done a good job.
    Fcuk my tall hat there were burst crates of beer everywhere - clean it up course we fcuking did - absolutely bluttered by 1600 and couldn't get out of the hatch.
    Tuesday back at defaulters and another 14 pennyworth.
  2. My best day's 9s were spent tidying the library in HMS Cochrane in early 1984.

    To say more would jeopardise the innocent.
  3. In Guzz Barracks,ten days for not much I thought so really pissed off,maybe because I was a Pompey Rating! but detailed to clean out the cellars of the Officers Wardroom then a friendly steward showed us how to tap the beer barrels!
    I was pissed for the whole time and it is just a blur now.
    I'm not even sure of the cellar but it was a great way to do punishment.
  4. Amsterdam on the Carron....I thought I had a green rub ..then at tot time half the stokers mess were on stoppage and squeezing up...
    One time I was glad to be under pun....
  5. I never did 9s only 14s and they were spent doing my own day job .I nearly had 100% undetected crime in my time !
  6. Oooohhhhhhh punishment!

    1st whack was when I couldn't tell the time and ambled back into MERCURY at 20:00 on a Monday
    evening instead of 08:00 (i.e. start of the f***ing day!).
    Did a fair bit of jogging up and down the roads in North Camp with a blunderbuss held aloft for that.

    As for the rest? Well - all for being drunkie-fallie-over-type stuff, although I did once bust a
    sweeper ratings arm in the door to the club down in Portland........he got all stormy
    and was asking for it anyway. No charges were forthcoming.

    No 9's as such....more "Don't e-v-e-r do THAT again you crazy f***er or it'll be a BIG
    fine and a shed-load of nines next time!"
  7. Bloody Hell Stan! I got nines on the cherry B, Canteen Damager wanted that very same beer store painting. Two of us got the job, then noticed not all the beer had been removed! Combination of CSB & paint fumes, we were shiters within the hour!!!

  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That hill in North Camp was a Bastard, must have been easy when they banned the carrying of the Lee Enfields.

    Best No 9's on the Alaric, can't remember what I'd done but Skipper gave me 3 days 9's and finished with the words "You've been working very hard lately Signalman, we'll count them as done!
  9. Reckon the Canman had a soft spot for men under punishment, this was 76 and some of the tinnies down there still needed a church key to open the rusty fcukers up.

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